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Reflecting on Redundancy

Blurry photo of me looking pensive. 

[Edit] To clarify, I was made redundant in October and I was offered full-time work again in December. This is me reflecting on my time out of work now that I am back in it. Sorry for that confusion but thank you for the well-wishes for the job search. [/Edit]

1. Getting a part-time job as a waitress or shop assistant whilst studying will give you skills to fall back on in the future. Not only did waitressing and bar work give me extra money whilst studying, when I got made redundant it provided me with the experience to get a bar job while I looked for a full-time position. 

2. Redundancy gives you more time to look for a job, take your time on applications and take up activities which could help boost your CV. Upon redundancy I did some volunteering at POSH Agency writing SEO content, finally sat down to do my Google AdWords and Analytics exams, and took up a bar job. And the result? I began receiving a higher rate of call-backs compared to when I was still in work. 

3. It's always a good idea to have savings. My previous job had been a graduate pay cheque so my savings more like £200 rather than £2,000, but it did give me some leeway. Keep some money back guys!

4. If you know the job you're currently in isn't right for you and that your position is kind of pointless, get out as soon you can. Or get out before management notices that you don't really have a lot to be getting on with (I was made redundant because I wasn't really needed - and never really had been - and was a bad fit - again it always had been a bad fit - not because the company was struggling).

5. If you're supporting a friend or family member through redundancy, my advice is to check in with them emotionally and provide practical support. Practical support can come in the form of helping them look for a job, proof-reading applications and - if you have experience of recruitment - offer advice on performing well in interviews. 

6. I am so grateful that I come from a family who earns a decent amount. I got a bar job out of choice, as my mum had agreed to make sure my rent would always get paid. Not everyone can be that lucky. 

7. Redundancy can sometimes be the kick in the bum you need to do something different. While I don't have some inspirational story that redundancy inspired me to fulfil a life-long dream of opening my own vegan bistro, or launching my own comic. What it did encourage me to do was get that weekend bar job I had been meaning to do since I moved to Glasgow (because I do genuinely enjoy bar work and as a way to meet people).

8. Promising yourself a big present with your redundancy money is great motivation for getting a new job as quickly as possible (like the trip to Amsterdam I'm currently on). Saying that however....

9. I do want to clear up something about my job hunt. I had been looking for a while as I had hated my previous job, and upon redundancy a few people (untactfully said) "This is probably the kick up the bum you need". OH HOLD THE PHONE NOW! Even before my redundancy I have been working my butt off trying to secure a new job that I wouldn't moan to my friends about. What redundancy did was it just gave me more hours in the day to look and do things to enhance my CV.

10. I realised just how lucky I am to have such a supportive group of people around me. I had friends send me links to suitable job adverts and friends who looked over applications for me. You're help didn't go unnoticed and I'm so grateful to have you in life. I hope I can give you the same help one day.

BONUS POINT ELEVEN. I hated my last job, and even though redundancy was scary I was bloody glad to close the door on that chapter of my life. Having a job you despise (especially a full time one) really takes a hammer to your happiness levels. I'm feeling a lot more alive now that the place I spend 40 hours a week doesn't make me want to gauge my eyes out.

For the first time in a long time I'm actually happy, and that's the biggest silver lining I could have gotten from this. Everything worked out for the better and I hope that if you're facing redundancy it does for you too. 

morag | mo adore
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  1. Best of luck with your job hunt! Being made redundant can't be fun, but then again, being stuck in a job that you don't like sounds even less fun. Sounds like you have a really good attitude! And it's great to hear that you're feeling happier :)
    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  2. Such a good post! There have been discussions about cutting back on staff at my work and everyone has been panicking while I sat there thinking, "It wouldn't be the worst thing..." which probably isn't a sign that I love my job! I might need my own kick up the bum soon, with or without redundancy! x

  3. Hope you find something permanent soon as I'm sure you will. Such positive ways to look at it! I was actually glad the two ties I've been made redundant because the first time I was getting subtly bullied and the second time I just wasn't able to cope with the demands of the job and yeah, it really does free you up to do other more productive things!

  4. Definitely lots that rings true here. If I had to do it all again - and please God that will never be the case - I'd want to spend more time developing the sort of useful skills that would help me move into something different. In my case, the part time job that wasn't so part time meant that in practice I never looked for the freelance opportunities I planned to - and then, as soon as I was back in work-work (which in my case took a year and a half) they all seemed to come out of nowhere.

    Really useful post, thanks for sharing my love.

    Lis / last year's girl x


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