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The Linkables

So...did I like the election result last week? Well, no. But this is a reminder why vilifying Tories isn't the way to go about changing things.

A genius idea I shall be adding to my balcony garden: herb pyramid.

Some simple, but good, advice on how often a blogger should post.

Some words on taking a selfie.

Comicbookgirl19 is now where I get my pop culture fix. 

A post I had wished I found before the election: Tory cuts aren't good for the British economy (my degree contained a lot of economics and I had many a lecture which said the same thing). 

This makes staying in feel cooler: Shayne Ward joins the cast of Corrie!

I do my boyfriend's make-up. (arent these two cuties?)

I'm probably late to the party...but Emma Blakery is my new fav YouTuber

"Should I buy condoms?" 
"No that makes it looks like you're asking for it" 
"But I am asking for it".

I'm a casual followers of football, but I've never understood the offside rule. But even professional footballers think it's ambiguous anyway.  

If you can't orgasm through penetration you're the same as 99.99999% of women out there. So don't sweat it. 

If you live in Hackney, London, Cambridge or Dundee you can vote for one of your museums to win a Museums at Night event. (obviously I'm biased on which event you should vote for). 

And still on the topic of Dundee, here's a community knitting project

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