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Build your own pizza at Project Pie, Dundee

project pie1

It's not that often that Dundee gets the title of having the first of a chain store in Europe, but the creator of Project Pie studied at Abertay and decided it would be a fitting setting (I agree). When I was through for Dee-Con I stopped by for my own pizza before my bus back to Glasgow on the Sunday. 

It does surprise some people, but pizza base is - by and large - a vegan product. However it usually comes dripping in mozzarella and pizza is something that I have missed oh so dearly since going vegan. Project Pie is however a pizza place where you build your own basically I missed out the cheese and meat and headed straight for the vegetables. 

project pie 2

And Project Pie do have a large vegetable selection to choose from. If my memory serves me well I believe I picked a sweetcorn, artichoke, tomatoes and mushroom medley with 'just a little' of the chillies (still ended up burning my mouth up resulting in me giving my final slice to my pal). They also have unlimited drink refills which helped when my mouth started firing up!

There was an angry comment left on the Facebook page by a vegan who, when they turned up at Project Pie with their own vegan cheese weren't allowed to add it on. The page admin left an e-mail asking them to contact them regarding the reasons for this, to which I hijacked and e-mail them too. The reason was to do with food quality and knowing where their food comes from but they let me know that they were looking into getting a vegan cheese added to the selection at some point. So yay! Whilst a lot of their competitors do allow vegans to bring their own cheese it's good to know Project Pie are considering bringing in a vegan option available anyway (and to the rude customers, I'm a vegan but also a former waitress - ask ahead if it's okay to use your own cheese!).

Project Pie are also another restaurant who are big into social media and you can even snap chat from a booth in the store. And they encourage folk like me to come in and take photos of food!

If one opens near you or you live in Dundee, give it a wee visit. It's a lovely place. 

morag | mo adore
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  1. I've heard great things about Project Pie! Now more, wow! Not sure I fancy brussels sprouts on my pizza though!

  2. They sound like a fantastic restaurant. Honestly I'm so sick of the veggie options consisting of tomato, onion, sweetcorn and mushroom. I really do think every veggie friendly restaurant should have vegan cheese. Especially Bute Island veggie cheese :oD

  3. Project Pie sounds awesome! And yeah, if you want to rock up at a restaurant with vegan cheese you have to ask in advance. I do love that Pizza Express let you do this though because it's one of the only places my dad, brother and I can agree on eating at so it's nice to be able to mix it up with some VioLife on occasion.


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