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Cruelty-free products from Sainsbury's

sainsbury's phil smith cruelty free

In high end stores such as House of Frasers or Debenham so many brands are in China or owned by a company who is. Then on the high street Boots is questionable and Superdrug is great, but does have a testing parent company. However a very overlooked location to go looking for cruelty-free products in the UK is our supermarkets. Morrison's, Co-op and Sainsbury's all carry the Cruelty Free International accreditation; the latter of which I recently bought some toiletries from whilst I was down in East Kilbride (for a bit of trampoline bopping - they have a massive Sainsbury's beside it).

It's not that exciting: it's mouthwash, toothpaste and antiperspirant. However one of the most common questions I get is where to purchase cruelty-free toiletries (and it was the final kind of product I switched myself). I've been using Superdrug for about a year now but I have also used (and reviewed) some Marks & Spencer anti-perspirants. I'd say that Superdrug is my favourite place to pick up cruelty-free essentials, partially because I have a Superdrug much closer to me. But the Superdrug toothpaste is just much mintier and fresher in my mouth than the Sainsbury's tube and the deodrant has a zingier scent to it. But if you want to avoid Sperdrug's parent company then the Sainsbury's toiletries come recommended. 

I was also lucky enough to be sent some products from the Phil Smith* range, which are exclusively available in Sainsbury's. Out of the four products I was sent two of them have made it into my day-to-day routine: these are the Transforming Argan Oil and the Frizz Smoothing Serum. Like all oils I own I prefer to use them at night and I've found this one is quite thick thus is good for nights where my hair is particularly frazzled. The second product, the serum, I like to use in the mornings before blow-drying my hair. I gave up on straighteners years ago as I think they make my hair look flat but this serum helped straighten out my hair but not remove any volume and the result looked a lot more natural than when using straighteners.

I also received the SOS Rescue Hot Iron Mist and the Glam Shine Gloss Finishing Spray but haven't got as much use out of them. As mentioned I don't straighten my hair much so the hot iron mist was naturally not going to get used. I did however use it whilst blow drying when my hair was still slightly damp and my hair was a bit softer and I really liked the smell (reminded me of being in a hairdressers). The finishing spray on the other hand also has a nice smell to it and I did use it before work just to make myself feel more 'finished' but my hair didn't look all that different.

Have you tried any Sainsbury's beauty range, or any alternative options from other supermarkets?

morag | mo adore
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  1. Paul Smith products can be really good. Pretty pink packaging too :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  2. I love Co-Op own brand stuff (and their cleaning products). I did try a Sainsbury's own brand cleanser once but wasn't a fan, perhaps I'll try out some other products in their range.
    Phil Smith offered to send me some products too but when I asked which products were vegan the lady I was emailing said none of them were :( Did they tell you that they were vegan? If so I will email and ask again, maybe she was confused!

    Jessica x

    1. I only went vegan within this past year. All my food has been switched over however when it comes to beauty/household I'm still just cruelty-free whilst eventually aiming to be all round vegan (it's make-up I'm currently switching over). x

    2. Ah ok, yeah it's easier to switch one thing at a time, that's how I made the transition. Apparently they are relaunching the range next month with new products and she will let me know if any are vegan x

  3. I will look into the deodorant. My closed shop is a Sainsburys.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  4. Marks and Spencer's Makeup and perfumes are some of my favorites, and Sainsbury's is my go to for facewipes and hairspray. I love how easy it is to use cruelty free products when you can just pick them up during your food shop. :)


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