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More from the Lush Christmas range

lush christmas so white drummers drumming

Another pay day has passed since my last Lush Christmas Lush post, and that obviously means I had to stop by for some more. Not much more, as this is the season for giving afterall and not buying expensive bath products for myself. The Lush Christmas range is huuugggggeee and I knew I couldn't make it through the entire range, but here's a quicky review on two more products I picked up.

I had the flat to myself last weekend and that always means the deliberation of which bubble bar to buy in for some me time. As you all know, I'm about the softer scents of which there was no shortage of this Christmas. I spent a few minutes sniffing them (no exaggeration) before settling on Drummers Drumming, for no other reason that the physical design made me laugh. Along with my bath playlist (it's primarily Taylor Swift) and Arran Aromatic candle* I got in the tub for one of the most luxurious soaks of my life. I used the whole thing and my bath was literally overflowing. I just laid back and pretended I was in some kind of advert for a spa or something.

Second up was yet another shower gel to add to the floor of my shower because who doesn't need seven shower gels to pick from each morning? (I kind of wish I was lying about the seven shower gels, but I'm not). The apple scent of So White is very apparent, which is lovely but in all honesty it is a shower gel that doesn't get picked up that often. It's not very zingy which doesn't make it much use for early morning stars but I wouldn't say it smells like luxury so again I'm not likely to use it before a night out. I honestly think it has a summery smell to it (do apples make anyone think of Christmas?) so maybe it's one I'll put to the side right now and then pick it up again once March rolls in.

Have you managed to try the entire Lush Christmas range, or like me have you kept to only a few products?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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  1. I don't have a bath in my flat, so I always feel SO JEALOUS when people blog about lush bath bombs! Wah!

  2. I got a couple bits from their launch party but I've still not got round to using them. I feel like I'm saving them for something special without actually knowing what the something special is! I'm off work today and tomorrow so I might use them tonight after reading this! ;) x

  3. I've not been too keen on the idea of So White, the bath bomb kind of bored me!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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