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Updates to my cruelty-free brand list

This past months I've e-mailed more brands than I have in any month before, and have many new additions to make. Unfortunately I have not had a reply from most of these companies which is obviously discouraging. My current to-ask list is made up of brands I have found via bloggers in the organic beauty niche therefore are mostly natural, British and independent, meaning they are unlikely to test. However if brands are not willing to e-mail me back then I have no choice but to not endorse them. So even though a lot of the brands listed below are unlikely to test due to the very nature of their products, without written confirmation I have no option but to state that they are grey area. Which kind of breaks my heart, really.

Adam and Eve Skincare

This is a Leaping Bunny certified company however like all companies I still fired them off an e-mail in order to ask them about vegan options, They haven't replied. However I do trust Leaping Bunny so they'll be added to cruelty-free, but if you're not a big Leaping Bunny fan you may want to bare this lack of reply in mind. 

Added to: cruelty-free


This is still pending. I have received a reply from the company regarding finished goods and ingredients and where they have stockists in which they also state that they have accredidation to support this. However I cannot find which accreditation this is on their website (and I have looked on Go Cruelty Free) so it is on my to-do list to find out which accreditation this is. 

Added to: n/a

Bath & Body Works

Following the news that there had been a change in status I have removed them from cruelty-free and it looks as though other lines owned by Limited Brands are heading in the same direction.

Added to: testing. 


It's very unlikely this brand which is manufactured in Britain and uses natural ingredients is animal-tested, however I stand by my rules for getting on my list. No reply, no endorsement. 

Added to: no reply

Chuckling Goat

Because all of their products are based on goats milk this is not a brand with vegan options however I received a very reassuring e-mail that they are a cruelty-free brand. 

Added to: cruelty-free


I had a very detailed response from this brand and we even began an e-mail exchange regarding the topic of animal testing. They also mark out their vegan products on their website.

Added to: cruelty-free and vegan suitable

Nom Nom Skincare

This brand has such lovely branding and a cute concept, however they have no statement on their website and when I e-mailed they gave no reply. 

Added to: no statement

Pure Lakes Skincare

On their website they have went into detail about natural ingredients and recycled packaging but didn't mention animal testing and - we know where this is going - they also never replied to my e-mail. 

Added to: no reply


Purelyputi got back to me with a very detailed response. They do have products suitable for vegans and they have plans to find a substitute for the honey powder used in their products.

Added to: cruelty-free

Tiddley Pom

This brand got back to me with a very detailed response and they clearly know their stuff about Chinese and European regulations (however I did find them a bit rude and patronising). Though I believe they are cruelty-fee, they unfortunately didn't answer my vegan question.  

Added to: cruelty-free 

Toulou Organics

As a handmade and organic brand I really want to add them to my cruelty-free list but without a reply I cannot. Sorry. 

Added to: no reply

Have you researched these brands yourself? Do you think I'm being harsh given the nature of their products and the unlikelihood of animal testing? 

Morag x

P.S. Remember to check out which other brands are on my cruelty-free list, my vegan friendly list and my vegan food guide
morag | mo adore
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1 comment:

  1. I don't think you are being harsh at all. Whilst I agree that it is unlikely small, independent business test their finished products on animals, it is likely that the ingredients have been tested by a third-party. I always think that if a brand is truly cruelty free they will want to shout it from the rooftops, so little or no information is always a no-go in my book x


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