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Goodbye summer candle, hello winter candle

winter candles beefayre and arran aromatics

I mentioned in my winter evening activities post that during the darker winter months (which is now in full swing with the clocks going back!) I am much more inclined to light up some candles to create a cozey ambience. During the summer I'm only ever inclined to add a glow from a candle during a bubble bath and only have a few candles I rotate between but now it's winter I already have two new candles added to my collection.

The candle on the left is After The Rain by Arran Aromatics which I received in my goody bag from the Ideal Home Show* earlier this year, and is the only candle I ever found myself reaching for during summer. As it's a very light and fresh smell it made it an excellent companion for a good bubble bath and due to its size it's still going strong now and I'll likely still reach for it for this purpose. (My only complaint is that it does have a bit of a 'burning' smell when you blow it out).

However I don't think it's a good winter scent, despite being a fantastic bath scent, however I've been lucky enough to have two candles from the Beefayre Winter Scents* recently sent to me to help me out in the evenings when I'm blogging or reading a book in bed. The scent on the right is the one I've been using the most - it's called Winter Scent and you can see from the picture that I've got quite a bit of use out of it already. It's a fig scent but it's still a very gentle calming scent, which is exactly what I like whether it's candles or skincare. The middle candle is Clementine & Clove which is much more zingy and reminds me of Christmas and is something I think I'll be a burning a bit more once December comes in.

There's two other scents in the winter range from Beefayre, Frankincense & Myrrh and Winter Berries, which I'm also beginning to eye up. I do find that these candles do need more than one candle to help the smell circulate the room however I love that they don't leave a burning smell when you're finished with them. Beefayre also do a lot more (plant wax) candles as well as homewares and beauty products, and they donate some of their profits to bee conservation. Quite a lot to love there.

(I'm actually burning some Yankee candles right now but it's only so I can use them and get rid of them - putting myself in a corning by saying that they are so overrated!)

Have you switched over your candles for winter? Ever tried Beefayre or Arran Aromatics candles?

Morag x

* I was given a press pass for the Ideal Home Show earlier this year and the Arran Aromatics candle was in the goody bag. I was also given the Beefaye candles for my consideration. Opinions are my own. 
morag | mo adore
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  1. I really like the look of the Beefayre candles and the Winter Scent collection has my finger twitching to hit 'buy'.
    The burning smell from the Aaran Aromatics candle may (not 100% sure as I can't see the ingredients list on the website) be because of the use of paraffin wax. I tend to steer clear of it and just buy pure soya/beeswax candles.
    Jen :)
    Jens Green Skincare

  2. I love the Beefayre candles! At this time of year I go for cinnamon, orange & clove scented ones :)

  3. I've just switched all my candles for winter too, great post!


  4. I love winter scented candles. My favourite has to be cinnamon or spiced apple around Christmas time! Its funny though I actually hate that scents during the other seasons of the year ha ha!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter


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