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The Linkables

Found here - contact if you know original source. 

America's gun laws baffle me but this piece highlights some of the issues of school shootings that really need addressed.

A quick look at sustainable alcohol brands.

I remember being about 16 when Britney had her breakdown and even at that age I understood this was a mental illness and wasn't something to be mocked. I'm now 23 and the same is happening to Amanda Bynes and this piece perfectly explains why we shouldn't be mocking celebrity breakdown.

Island in Scotland to be first 100% self-sustaining place on earth.

If you're hosting a party tonight have gander at Zoe's Halloween playlist to see what you can add to yer tunes

Cutting it really close - but here's a vegan food guide to Halloween (from a fantastic blog on the whole!)

Can I also be as bold to recommend my own Halloween Pinterest board for any other last minute ideas?

Best of Buzzfeed: pictures only Harry Potter fans will get.

Also found on Buzzfeed: mugs you need to drink out of.

I LOVED this from a new Green Party member, even though it is a bit heartbreaking: social justice, dignity and invisibility.

I'm a supporter of minority languages however this explains how I feel towards Gaelic being spoken about as if it is the only minority language.

The Friendly Fig is my newest plant-based blog find.

I found in the Guardian a story from 2010 in which Snoop Dogg was trying to star in Coronation Street (apparently he's a big fan!) and then this one from 2012 where he said he wanted Cheryl Cole to play his wife before he'd run off with Deidre (I had to check I wasn't reading The Onion).

Logo design fails. (somewhat NSFW, depends on your office)

I've not found an Android version but any netball fans who have iPhones might like this game on the app store.

Look, I do make an effort to ensure my digital footprint uses apostrophes correctly but I do get annoyed by grammar snobs for these very reasons. (From Everyday Feminism which you should be following anyway 'cause it's fucking amazing).

Sinead talks about her Glasgow-based jacket making course.

Avalanche of the Soul is a personal blog of a domestic abuse survivor, and contains her real-life experience as well as tips for escaping and moving on.

The products used aren't cruelty-free but this YouTube channel is great for learning about applying make-up.

However I stumbled upon this YouTube channel when looking for Halloween make-up and her blog has a cruelty-free statement (she's also UK based).

BBC accidentally filmed a tweet saying 'fuck off' to the Queen.

Important trivia: 16 things you didn't know about the Teletubbies (that show caused quite a few controversies!)

To GamerGate types, or general trolls: it's not censorship to ignore you.

But in a similar vein, or even opposing argument, I agree with this piece called The Culture of Shut Up.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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October Playlist

October Playlist

Air Traffic - Charlotte
Bowerbirds - In Our Talons
Charlotte Church - Unravelling
Dave Hause - Father's Son
Fionn Regan - For A Nightingale
Forest Fires - Trial and Error
Get Cape, Wear Cape - War of the Worlds
Gorgon City - Here For You
Iron & Wine - Love Vigilantes
John Martyn - May You Never
Laura Veirs - July Flame
Life in 24 Frames - Battleship Island
Lower Than Atlantis - Love Someone Else
Nancy Wilson - Every Snowflake
Seabear - Libraries
The Staves - In The Long Run
Sun Kil Moon - Space Travel is Boring
Taking Back Sunday - You're so Last Summer

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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Goodbye summer candle, hello winter candle

winter candles beefayre and arran aromatics

I mentioned in my winter evening activities post that during the darker winter months (which is now in full swing with the clocks going back!) I am much more inclined to light up some candles to create a cozey ambience. During the summer I'm only ever inclined to add a glow from a candle during a bubble bath and only have a few candles I rotate between but now it's winter I already have two new candles added to my collection.

The candle on the left is After The Rain by Arran Aromatics which I received in my goody bag from the Ideal Home Show* earlier this year, and is the only candle I ever found myself reaching for during summer. As it's a very light and fresh smell it made it an excellent companion for a good bubble bath and due to its size it's still going strong now and I'll likely still reach for it for this purpose. (My only complaint is that it does have a bit of a 'burning' smell when you blow it out).

However I don't think it's a good winter scent, despite being a fantastic bath scent, however I've been lucky enough to have two candles from the Beefayre Winter Scents* recently sent to me to help me out in the evenings when I'm blogging or reading a book in bed. The scent on the right is the one I've been using the most - it's called Winter Scent and you can see from the picture that I've got quite a bit of use out of it already. It's a fig scent but it's still a very gentle calming scent, which is exactly what I like whether it's candles or skincare. The middle candle is Clementine & Clove which is much more zingy and reminds me of Christmas and is something I think I'll be a burning a bit more once December comes in.

There's two other scents in the winter range from Beefayre, Frankincense & Myrrh and Winter Berries, which I'm also beginning to eye up. I do find that these candles do need more than one candle to help the smell circulate the room however I love that they don't leave a burning smell when you're finished with them. Beefayre also do a lot more (plant wax) candles as well as homewares and beauty products, and they donate some of their profits to bee conservation. Quite a lot to love there.

(I'm actually burning some Yankee candles right now but it's only so I can use them and get rid of them - putting myself in a corning by saying that they are so overrated!)

Have you switched over your candles for winter? Ever tried Beefayre or Arran Aromatics candles?

Morag x

* I was given a press pass for the Ideal Home Show earlier this year and the Arran Aromatics candle was in the goody bag. I was also given the Beefaye candles for my consideration. Opinions are my own. 
morag | mo adore
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Some more Pacifica poducts

Pacifica uk coconut kiss alight purify

Pacifica is a smaller brand from across the Atlantic which has a few bit and bobs available in the Glasgow Whole Foods and is no stranger to my blog. Early in September I sang a massive rave to their perfumes and then a month later I gave an acceptable thumbs up to their Solar Palette. There's a few other bits and bobs I've picked up along the way which I'll be reviewing today however despite favourable reviews for other products from the range these three products are getting the thumbs down.

Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter

I picked this up thinking it would provide a natural looking lip tint for me to wear to work however, despite a slight gloss, it's virtually invisible on. It also doesn't provide much moisture either. However it does smell really nice and reminds me of Victoria Sponge, but given that it says coconut I don't think it's meant to smell of cake...

Pacifica Alight Multimineral BB Cream

I'll say up front that I'm not a massive BB cream fan and prefer a full foundation. This product however did remind me of the That Gal primer by Benefit which was one of my favourite products before becoming cruelty-free but alas the staying power of this Pacifica product is nowhere near as long. I sometimes use it to give my skin a pick me up (I sometimes use it as my netball make-up) and give some gentle shimmer to my cheek bones for a night out, however I overall can't rave about it and whilst I'll finish it I doubt I'll repurchase.

Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

These smell gorgeous and remind me of being on a holiday in a hot climate. However my raving stops there (aside from the packaging cause I love that) because when it comes to actually removing make-up I don't think they do the job. They also tingle around the eyes which a lot of face wipes do but I can name quite a few that don't. My favourite face wipes are still the B Cosmetics ones.

Have you tried anything from the Pacifica range? Do you think any of these products sound like something you might still try? 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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Etsy // Halloween

An Etsy bought part of this year's costume.

I'm aware that I'm cutting this post very close with Halloween now only this coming Friday. However I decided to still post some of my favourite creepy finds from Etsy anyway, because even if you can't get it shipped to you in time (it's mostly American, and most of you guys are British) there's always next year, or screw calender norms and use these pieces proudly no matter the time of year.


The most important part of my snake-themed costume was purchased from Etsy (no prizes for guessing my costume this year) and here is the sparkly version from the same shop as well as another item which is similar. I'm also loving these skeleton hair clips as well as these sparkly versions. These bat hair clips are also up my street and these cleaver knife hair clips are cute in a creepy kind of way.

Around the home

We all know I love a candle, and I've been spying up some Halloween themed ones. My personal favourites have been this Zombie Repellent and Wolf Moon Candle which comes from a shop owner in Salem of all creepy places (check out both shops for more creepy candles). Also don't forget to add this pumpkin cushion to your sofa for the fall period. I'd also drink my tea from this creepy mug all year round (and maybe this one too). If you're classy and drink out of glasses here are some bat decals and some creepy labels so your guests know what they're drinking. Finally, here are some rats decals for your stairs and if you're looking for some new art work for your living room here are some blood spatter canvasses.


I love myself some statement rings so it's no surprise that I'd wear this rib cage ring all year round, as well as this skull and cross bones ring. I also had my eyes on this snake ring and this snake ring for my costume this year, and I've had this batman ring on my wishlist for a while. Though this vampire nail shield ring and this zombie dinner plate ring would be exclusively for Halloween. As maybe this eye ring would be too. If you're more of an earring person then I suggest these cleaver knife earrings, as well these rustic snake earrings I almost bought. The shop DustyRemnants has a great selection but my favourite was this poison bottle necklace. I'm keeping my Medusa costume neutral with bits if green colour wise but if you wanted to go as a funky Medusa I'd recommend these. I also almost bought this Medusa necklace. PamelaGriceArt has some amazing pieces but this moth necklace reminds me of one of my favourite scary movies, Silence of the Lambs.

Party ideas

If you're looking for pre-designed party packs I really like the graphic design of this party kit, as well as this one and this one as well. You could also use this Boo card for inviting people or if you have a friend who's birthday falls on Halloween. For entertainment there is Halloween bingo as well as this fantastic sugar skull pinata. For your baking here are some bat cake toppers as well as some glow in the dark ghost toppers. And don't forget to send your guests home with cake inside some pumpkin party bags


On the night of Halloween night itself remember to put a pumpkin outside but if like me the idea of carving one is a drain of energy, then maybe you'll love this fabric one as much as I did. This black cat wreath is also allows guisers (or Treak or Treaters) to know that you're in the spirit without scaring little kids. Or you could even get yourself a Maleficient wreath


If not much of the above stands out I have a few extra pieces. Firstly I recommend this brain clutch if you want an extra for your zombie costume. If you're a vampire I recommend these fake nails dripping with blood. If you're a keen crocheter and fancy making your own outfit here is a fox hat pattern to give a bash. However if you're not willing to crochet but think your a dab hand with cardboard this shop sells instructions on making a variety of masks.  If you're a mac owner then how about adding a reaper decal for the October period.

I'm sorry this is cut so close, but have you spotted anything for next year? What are your favourite Etsy shops? 

Morag x

P.S. It's not Etsy however it still is independent but is how awesome is this cleaver clutch bag? 

morag | mo adore
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The Linkables

The most important reminder this week and in this week's Linkables: Her name was Reeva Steenkamp.

I know Halloween still needs to get out the way, but if you're a business owner you need to start planning for the Christmas period now (I'm already planning the gift guides that will be coming on mo'adore starting November).

In the post above, a brilliant guide to blogger outreach was linked which led to me discovering my new favourite blog for indie creative business types.

Turn your shower into a sanctuary

It might seem weird that I'm sharing this since I don't eat fish, but John Ross Ltd has a company blog which is a great example of content marketing when your product isn't all that glamorous.

A lovely vegan blog I found recently also has a gardening section.

10 skillshare lessons for bloggers,

One month on from the referendum here are some lessons from it which left-leaning people from across the globe can learn from.

If you're a bit of a renewables geek (like me) then the DECC are having a Renewable Heat Incentive Roadshow, and the first one is tomorrow in Edinburgh. 

Alternative rabbit hutch ideas.

A Tumblr showcase of the letterheads of various important people and organisations.

Some survey results on the varying opinions of the UK constituencies (some of the graphs highlight the difference in opinions between Scotland and England, one of the reasons I voted yes).

Quotes on shit (not literal shit, brick a brack shit)

Halloween nail art ideas.

Do you use the phrase 'do you let your partner wear that?'.

How typefaces got their names.

The best reply to a spammy business text ever. I almost puked laughing at the Naughty Otters bit.

Tutorial for Black Swan make-up.

A big guide on not being creepy and calling out creepy men for choosing to be creepy which includes this fantastic sentence: "Most people can tell when a cat or dog doesn’t want to be petted, but it’s suddenly impossible when it’s a lady you want to fuck?".

A heart breaking story of a low-wage worker in America.

And back to poverty in Scotland: there will be a Glasgow foodbank collection next week.

So rateable: 13 things people in laid-back relationships do.

Last minute Halloween costumes.

Lots of words on the word douchebag including race, feminism and comparison to hipsters.

Amsterdam will soon be home to a solar bike path!

Nobody seems particularly sure what GamerGate is (even Gamergate).

Related: Brianna Wu stands up to GamerGate.

Demonstrating with water how Pythagorean theorem works.

Morag x
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Gigs // Seen Live Recently

So howdy there gig goers. It's been absolutely ages since I did a round-up of gigs I've been to because, well, I haven't actually been to that many since my last round-up. And by not many I mean I've been to four (in the space of four months). But because time is getting away from me and I don't have any gigs lined up until November (and by gigs I mean a possible four in one month...) I should maybe just get these last four gigs covered.

Arliss Nancy

I know it might seem like I'm banging on about this Colorado band as if I get commission but these guys are really good. I first found out about them when they came to play in Dundee a year before (but I couldn't go) and gave them a spin on Spotify and couldn't stop until I had heard it all. When they came back to Dundee I was so there, and I wasn't disappointed.

Robot Doctors / Lachance / Broken Stories

When Arliss Nancy came across to Scotland for Dundee-gig-fun-times they chose some of the city's local bands to support them. I've been aware of these local bands for ages from friends who are involved in the Dundee local music scene (and I could even name and recognise some of the band members) but had never seen them live. None of these bands have Spotify but you check out their Facebook pages: Robot Doctors, LaChance and Broken Stories (La Chance are my personal favourite).

Jurassic 5

If you've kept an eye on my music posts than you might have realised that I'm not much of a hip hop connoisseur. I'd only heard of Jurassic 5 because my friend DJs a hip hop night and I decided to educate myself rather than sitting there pretending to know what was going on. Their song Concrete Schoolyard became an immediate favourite from his collection and was almost the only reason I went to this show (because to me the best thing about being at a gig is to hear a favourite played just a few feet from you). But even though they were playing a lot of songs I didn't recognise (they did a segment of old songs at the end where the asked audeince members for suggestions) I still enjoyed myself. Also: stage presence = superb.

Crazy Town

I got a bit of slack for this haha. But Butterfly was a tune when I was 10 (and obviously didn't understand the suggestive lyrics) and I wanted to hear it live. Honestly, I didn't know some of their others songs and The Cathouse really isn't all that of a gig venue. But the best part of this band was that they really care about their fans and came out to mingle with them afterwards and posed for photos and signed autographs (for ages).

Kings of Leon

I should be writing something great as I booked the tickets well in advance and paid an arm for them, but meh. They were good but even when they played Use Somebody and Sex on Fire - songs I loved during my mid-late teens something didn't feel quite...there.

What gigs have you been to recently? Were you at any of these gigs?

Morag x
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Updates to my cruelty-free brand list

This past months I've e-mailed more brands than I have in any month before, and have many new additions to make. Unfortunately I have not had a reply from most of these companies which is obviously discouraging. My current to-ask list is made up of brands I have found via bloggers in the organic beauty niche therefore are mostly natural, British and independent, meaning they are unlikely to test. However if brands are not willing to e-mail me back then I have no choice but to not endorse them. So even though a lot of the brands listed below are unlikely to test due to the very nature of their products, without written confirmation I have no option but to state that they are grey area. Which kind of breaks my heart, really.

Adam and Eve Skincare

This is a Leaping Bunny certified company however like all companies I still fired them off an e-mail in order to ask them about vegan options, They haven't replied. However I do trust Leaping Bunny so they'll be added to cruelty-free, but if you're not a big Leaping Bunny fan you may want to bare this lack of reply in mind. 

Added to: cruelty-free


This is still pending. I have received a reply from the company regarding finished goods and ingredients and where they have stockists in which they also state that they have accredidation to support this. However I cannot find which accreditation this is on their website (and I have looked on Go Cruelty Free) so it is on my to-do list to find out which accreditation this is. 

Added to: n/a

Bath & Body Works

Following the news that there had been a change in status I have removed them from cruelty-free and it looks as though other lines owned by Limited Brands are heading in the same direction.

Added to: testing. 


It's very unlikely this brand which is manufactured in Britain and uses natural ingredients is animal-tested, however I stand by my rules for getting on my list. No reply, no endorsement. 

Added to: no reply

Chuckling Goat

Because all of their products are based on goats milk this is not a brand with vegan options however I received a very reassuring e-mail that they are a cruelty-free brand. 

Added to: cruelty-free


I had a very detailed response from this brand and we even began an e-mail exchange regarding the topic of animal testing. They also mark out their vegan products on their website.

Added to: cruelty-free and vegan suitable

Nom Nom Skincare

This brand has such lovely branding and a cute concept, however they have no statement on their website and when I e-mailed they gave no reply. 

Added to: no statement

Pure Lakes Skincare

On their website they have went into detail about natural ingredients and recycled packaging but didn't mention animal testing and - we know where this is going - they also never replied to my e-mail. 

Added to: no reply


Purelyputi got back to me with a very detailed response. They do have products suitable for vegans and they have plans to find a substitute for the honey powder used in their products.

Added to: cruelty-free

Tiddley Pom

This brand got back to me with a very detailed response and they clearly know their stuff about Chinese and European regulations (however I did find them a bit rude and patronising). Though I believe they are cruelty-fee, they unfortunately didn't answer my vegan question.  

Added to: cruelty-free 

Toulou Organics

As a handmade and organic brand I really want to add them to my cruelty-free list but without a reply I cannot. Sorry. 

Added to: no reply

Have you researched these brands yourself? Do you think I'm being harsh given the nature of their products and the unlikelihood of animal testing? 

Morag x

P.S. Remember to check out which other brands are on my cruelty-free list, my vegan friendly list and my vegan food guide
morag | mo adore
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The Linkables

I've been making my way through Alison Johnstone MSP's blog this week and it's a really good place for an introduction to green politics.

Through Alison's blog I did find out however about this blog written by the Gender and Politics Research Group at the University of Edinburgh if anyone is looking for academic writing on feminism.

Scottish Women's Aid have some job openings

Pumpkin decorating ideas that don't involve carving.

It's a bit personal but my four year #singleversary is around this time of year (I'm a former settler who's been in unhealthy relationships so it's a big deal to see how far I've come) and I thought I'd just highlight The Single Women which was a great source of wise words four years ago and Mandy Hale is still full of wise words to this day (and now even has a book!).

Ever noticed that music which isn't considered 'real music' is typically listened to by teenage girls?

Something that says something similar.

This piece on Lily Allen touches upon some racism in music that I had never spotted until it was pointed out to me.

Glastonbury bans the sale of Native American headdresses.

Ever wondered what the moon smells like?

Norway has released new banknotes and design blogs are loving them.

A blog tag I'm thinking of doing: the horror movie questions.

Earlier this week I read this post on an insulting sales e-mail a marketing company received, and this morning I found it in my blog's e-mail inbox! 

Best of Buzzfeed: 19 playgrounds that will haunt your nightmares and 29 fetch items every Mean Girls fan needs to own.

What sort of requests do magazine re-touchers get?

Ha! Yoga mantras for jerks.

I reckon there's gonna be a lot of Orange is the New Black costumes this year and if you're thinking about it here is a quick make-up guide for some of the characters.

I've not has a chance to read yet but Fitrovert is a fitness website for introverts.

Links, apps and advice for staying organised when you're self-employed in the creative field.

An open letter to parents who don't vaccinate their kids (from a women who's kid has cancer and can't come in contact with non-vaccinated kids)

Something for my recipe binder: vegan taco lasagne.

I'm beginning to really love Leanne Wood and here's a massive interview with her if you'd like to get to know the leader of Plaid Cymru as well.

I voted yes (as you know) but I realised an iScotland would have meant some changes for me as a marketer and blogger. This piece on SEO and Google comes across as Unionist however it is interesting (though I'd bang my head off the wall if someone believed these were serious enough reasons to vote no).

A really good piece from The Guardian about what's happened in Scotland since the no vote almost a month ago.

Some advice for men who work in tech to make the environment more women friendly.

Ha! Why the term 'social justice warrior' isn't really an insult.

Morag x
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The Harry Potter Tag

Photo Credit

It's been a while since I've sat down with any of the Harry Potter books or films however I absolutely loved them at one point, which was actually in my late teens and early twenties as it took me a while to get into them (the first book came out when I was six years old). I certainly am not as big a fan as some people but I have loved reading other people's Harry Potter tag and decided it was time I did it myself (plus, I'm feeling a bit lazy with other blogging ideas!).

1. What is your favourite book?
The Half Blood Prince. Whilst I thought they made a failure of an 'attempt' at the film, I loved reading Voldemort's backstory and learning how they were going to take him down.

2. What is your favourite film?
Hands down, Order of the Phoenix. Because 1) I love phoenixes 2) that battle scene in the Ministry of Magic (show down!) and 3) Helena freaking Bonham freaking Carter!

3. What is your least favourite book?
Not sure. Maybe Prisoner of Azkaban? I have no active dislike of it and even though a big twist was revealed it just seems to be the book (and film) that falls into the background for me.

4. What is your least favourite film?
Prisoner of Azakaban for the reasons above, but maybe Goblet of Fire 'cause I cringe pretty hard throughout quite a bit of it (can't explain why).

5. Which parts of the books/films made you cry?
I love the books and films but I don't think I ever actually cried because of a bit of lump in the final battle scene though.

6. If you could hook up with any character who would it be?
You know what? I think the Weasley twins are hot stuff. Though not with one ear. (And I think HBC is oddly provocative as Bellatrix).

7. Who is your favourite character?
Hermoine or Bellatrix. Though male would probably be Neville (I love a good character transformation).

8. Who is your least favourite character?
Umbridge! And Ron pissed me off now and then.

9. What is your least favourite line?
"Actually I'm highly logical, which allows me to look past extraneous detail. And precieve clearly that of which others overlook" - I know people love to quote this but I think Hermoine maybe needs to get off her horse with this one.

10. What would your patronus be?
My childhood dog - cross between a German Shepard and a Collie but she had the shape of the latter so it would just look like a Collie.

11. If you could have the invisibility cloak, resurrection stone or elder wand, which would you choose?
The invisibility cloak for the same reason the humble brother chose it.

12. What house would you be in?
Ravenclaw <3 Though I definitely have a bit of Hufflepuff in me (even though it's not cool to admit that).

13. If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be?
Emma Watson or Helena Bonham Carter. But I'd happily meet any of them.

14. If you were on the Quiddich team, what position would you play?
I think I'd be too much a wimp to play such as a voracious sport! But when comparing Quidditch positions to the ones in netball maybe a seeker seems to the most similar my preferred position of Wing Attack (or chaser, but that involves scoring so it's more Goal Attack and I hate scoring).

15. Were you happy with the ending?
It was obviously always going to finish with Harry killing Voldy. I never quite felt Ron and Hermoine as a couple though (and why did everyone end up married to someone else from Hogwarts - could someone who have remained a bachelor or bachelorette?).

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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Alan's Stir-Fry (and my budget version)

When I was last in Dundee my friend Alan cooked me a tasty vegan stir-fry using ingredients from the local Chinese Supermarket. I mentioned it in my first ever Vegan Food Diaries and gave it a cheeky Instagram and I can confirm it was as lovely as it looked. I also created my own simpler budget friendly version with foods from Tesco for us common people (Instagram here).

But anyway here's Alan recipe.

Stir Fry (serves two)

Ingredients (including brands used)
Olive Oil
Clearspring toasted sesame oil
3 diced cloves of garlic
diced ginger (to taste)
6 sliced button mushrooms
6 sliced shiitake mushrooms
1 diced bell pepper (or 3 halves of 3 colours, we personally used one whole green pepper)
1 large diced chilli pepper (again, we used green)
16 fried bean curd
King's light soy sauce
Packed of pre-cooked Udon noodles
Small packed of bean sprouts

(However, if like myself, shiitake mushrooms and fried bean curd aren't regulars on your weekly shopping list then there's an alternative ingredients list at the end).

1. add olive oil to wok, dash of some toasted sesame oil to taste
2. add 3 diced cloves of garlic and diced ginger to taste
3. heat until it starts to cook
4. add 6 sliced button mushrooms, 6 sliced shiitake mushrooms, 1 diced bell pepper (or 3 halfs of 3 colours etc), 1 large diced chilli pepper, 16 fried bean curd
5. add soy sauce and fry until veg is cooked
6. add two portions of udon noodles and a small packet of bean sprouts
7. add soy sauce to flavour and stir until cooked
8. serve
9. nom
10. do dishes

As mentioned above I have created my own student/graduate income friendly version, but Alan's is definitely still nicer. However if like me you are on the 'early twenties and renting' budget rather than the 'early thirties and own a house' budget or don't have a Chinese supermarket near you, here is my adjusted version:

Tesco toasted sesame oil
3 diced cloves garlic
Two spring onions, sliced (Alan's recipe didn't contain onions, I just like onions)
ginger granules/powder to taste
10 sliced generic mushrooms
Two handful peppers from a bag of frozen peppers
Teaspoon of chilli flakes
Amoy soy sauce
Two bundles of Blue Dragon wholewheat noodles
Handful of sliced green beans from a frozen packet

Though bean curds are gorgeous and something I could genuinely eat bowls of, they do go off quickly so if you do buy them use the whole packet quickly.

You can also check out Alan's blog where he sometimes blogs about food but mainly geek stuff and lefty politics. He also contributes to a really geeky blog called Joy Stuck In The Past about retro games, and to The Rusty Hip Collective which promotes Dundee's local music scene.

Morag (and Alan) x
morag | mo adore
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Favourite winter evening activities

winter evenings scottish blogger

Maybe it's a sign of official adulthood and the leaving behind of student fun times but I've found myself welcoming winter which much wider arms these last two years. I've considered myself a summer baby for most of my life but as I get older I seem to find myself not dreading the winter and instead of complaining about the cold I have developed some down-time hobbies I like to partake in during the evenings of the cooler months.

Open up the tea cupboard
Maybe this another sign of me fast approaching quarter of a century in age but as I've gotten older I've let go of my childhood belief that I'd never like the stuff. These days I have several packets of tea which range from fennel to green tea and each pay day I love adding something new to my collection. This summer I actually spent quite a bit of time moaning that it was too hot to drink camomile tea before bed.

Cuddling up in cosy sleepwear (and shopping for it)
In the summer I usually come home and stay in my work clothes until bedtime. However when I come home in cooler weather I love to wrap myself in something from my somewhat extensive pyjama collection (my favourite is a woolly cape with rabbit ears on the hood).

Catching up on television
You don't need to be told this is what you should do on cold evenings, though I'm beginning to think American Horror Story wasn't the best thing to watch on dark nights by myself (The Apprentice starts again tomorrow and I've heard Xfactor has too). You could alternatively cuddle up with a book.

A warm bubble bath
I love bubble baths all year round but there's something more satisfying about getting into one when you've spend the day protecting your body from the cold. Plus, the Lush Christmas range is now out and I really don't need a better excuse to have a bath!

Switch up candle scents
During the summer I only ever use candles for bath time however when the winter creeps in I find myself placing them around my flat a bit more. And I find myself going for something a bit richer or even more sensual.

Start Pinning for Halloween and Christmas (or whatever else you celebrate)
I'm strict about not publicly speaking about Christmas until November (and there will be no gift guides on mo'adore until then) but I am already privately thinking about gifts and which vegetarian main I'll cook this year (I personally still have a birthday to get through before then as well).

Catching up on goals
Ya'll know I love a big resolution, but let's be honest they tend to fall off the radar by the time summer comes. However when it gets a bit too cold to do anything outside it's a good time to re-visit them and see if you can tick any more the list. A lot of my evenings have been dedicated to finishing my online course, completing my book list and working my away through TV programmes.

What are your favourite things to do during the evenings of the colder months? 

Morag x

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Gosh products I wouldn't recommend

Gosh Cosmetics I don't like

Two months ago I blogged about my favourite Gosh Cosmetics products. However despite being one of my favourite brands also due to their cruelty-free status, helpful customer service team who answer questions about vegan products and their easy availability on the British high street, there are still products I dislike. As you can tell from the photo there aren't many products I don't recommend however to save you all a few bob I thought I'd run through them.

Gosh BB Skin Perfecting Kit (Beige 1)
From the photo you can tell that I have been reaching for this a fair bit, however I don't actually like it (and I've only been reaching for it because I haven't bothered to buy another concealer). The staying power isn't great and I like my concealer to be quite a bit thicker. Also the highlighter is very shimmery and I don't even like using it the evening, let alone the day.

Gosh Eye Brow Kit Multi
I'm still on a never-ending quest to find a cruelty-free alternative to the HD Brow Kit but unfortunately this was not it. It isn't particularly pigmented and I think I only used it once (it looks brand new in the photo and I even had to go looking for it!).

Gosh Pressed Powder (Golden Honey 01)
It's going to be hard to explain why this didn't sit with me but it is do with its finish. When I applied this to my face bits of the powder seems to bunch up together forming little flakes of power on my skin, as opposed to a nice even and smooth finish. You wouldn't notice these flakes from a distance and it was very mattifying but I think I'll spend my money elsewhere next time.

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Clear)
Even before purchasing this I already felt as though the only primers worth buying were high-end. This drugstore primer didn't help change my mind on that and I'm still not convinced there's such a thing as a great but inexpensive primer.

Gosh Defining Brow Gel (Clear)
It's such a small part of a beauty regime and maybe not an 'essential' but I do love a brow gel to help my eyebrows look really tip top. However this just didn't hold them in place for long plus the gel was thick and a bit 'gloopy'.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you agree that they aren't worth it? 

Morag x
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The Linkables

A Buzzfeed article on 17 things for vegans to eat in Glasgow was published this week featuring a picture taken by yours truly.

Lynsay of Miss West End Girl has a small guide on spooky things to do in Glasgow during Halloween.

For any Irish readers, here's a list of spooky things for you to get up to.

If you like chilli sauces here's a YouTube channel full of a guy reviewing different ones.

I stumbled upon an article about 50+ ways to re-purpose old blog content and then discovered the entire site it is written on is fabulous for anyone involved in content marketing.

If you fancy learning a bit of Scots then you can learn a bit of it with Oor Willie.

I'm not the only person who thinks Dundee has bags of culture.

More on Dundee: the gathering.

Yet more Dundee news: it's getting a new health food shop right in the city centre!

And I'll shut up about Dundee in a second once I point you in the direction of Oxjam where people host intimate gigs in their own living rooms.

Edinburgh now: one of the founders of my old university dance team (who returned to choreograph out first competition piece) is now starting her own contemporary dance class.

See what inspires these seven female CEO's each morning.

I doubt I'd play computer games even if I didn't but my phobia has meant a lot of games are out for me (and also people need to be careful playing them near me) but I discovered a site called GamePhobias this week which documents which games are safe for people with all kinds of triggers.

I don't agree with everything in this but I think it raises some good points about how miss-used trigger warnings are. (I take issue with how the writer tries to talk on behalf of everyone with a phobia).

Also don't agree with everything in this but I think this is generally good relationship advice for both sexes (and for both hetero couples and gay couples).

A great piece on Racialicious about street harassment.

Another reason not to vote Tory: they might bring back fox hunting.

And the next UK General election could be interesting due to a certain increase in support for a certain Green Party (and, ehem, UKIP).

There's a sitcom called Selfie.

For all my Etsy fan-girls (or boys) who are always on the hunt for something different how about jewellery made using concrete?

What's making me cry with laughter on Buzzfeed right now: 26 times Tumblr had serious questions about Harry Potter.

In a similar lol-worthy vein.

Taking screenshots of everything on a website not just what's on the screen.

Some wise words on working for free. (I'd also chuck in that many of the people I went to university who worked for free - including myself - did it because we had parents who funded us and we didn't need to work a 20 hours a week for actual pay)

I was pinning Halloween stuff which then led to Christmas stuff which then led to Hanukkah stuff. I don't do anything for the last one but if you do this board, this board and this board are lovely.

And, create your own gifs!

Morag x
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Where I get inspiration for Halloween costumes

If you know me personally or have been following this blog over the last few Halloween's (and Eurovisions) then you'll know I take my fancy dress seriously and spend some time brainstorming original costume ideas. I sometimes compare me searching for my Halloween costume to a bride-to-be searching for her wedding dress, and I only stop my search when I get an idea which makes me go "that's the one".

Last year I blogged about my check-list when deciding on a costume and this year I'm going to share where I look for Halloween inspiration.

First off, Pinterest
So obvious, because if you don't use Pinterest for inspiration already then where the hell have you been? Here is my own Pinterest board of fancy dress ideas (and here is my Pinterest board for general Halloween themed fun).

Movies, films, tv
My costume for 2010, 2011 and 2012 were all from films. Think back through all your favourite films and hit up scary film lists to see if there's any characters you can possibly re-create and will be easily recognisable to other people.

Other pop culture sources
Last year, I didn't pick a character from a film but a lady from an iconic album cover. Have a think of other iconic moment in pop culture from musicians to nursery rhymes to comics to games to famous individuals.

Folklore and other fictional works
Urban myths, fairytales, greek mythology, goblins, gods and goddesses. Have a research online and find if there's one predominate enough that you might be able to make an outfit out of.

Vlogger and Blogger tutorials
YouTube and the blogging community is full of inspiration and tutorials for Halloween costumes. My personal favour is Audface (I came up with my Samara costume in 2011 myself but found her channel when looking for inspiration for how to put it together) but Hailey, Catherine and Julia Graf all do tutorials as well (and that's just what I can name off the top of my head - have a search!).

Costume shops
Just like Pinterest, this is an obvious as hell choice. Whilst I am choosing to DIY my costume this year it was seeing a pre-made version of it on Jokers Masquerade which reminded me of the girl I had seen dressed up as it four years ago. And as a tip, small locally owned shops are usually better than the chains.

Other people
As mentioned, my outfit for this year was one I seen a random girl do back in 2010 whilst I was out for that year's Halloween. My Saw puppet costume in 2010 was something I seen on Facebook done by a friend of a someone I randomly went to school with. I'm open about the costumes that weren't my own idea but my tip for directly copying outfits is so never copy outfits from someone you know, or someone who could easily find out you ripped their idea.

Has this helped you pick a costume? Any other places you can suggest to look for inspiration? 

Morag x
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Dundee: The Phoenix Pub

Phoenix Dundee burgers

Whilst I lived in Dundee I probably sauntered past the Phoenix Pub on Perth Road several times but never took much notice as it honestly looks like an old man's pub from the outside. However, when in Dundee last week it's where my friend suggested going for lunch and assured me that it wouldn't be full of middle aged men watching football (and mentioned that it one of his favourite places for a chilli burger).

Phoenix Dundee interior

See? Has the decor of an old man's pub. But the people were a mix of ages with students and non-students there and my friend (who's a political geek) told me that he's seen local councillors having lunch there.

I was a bit of a hungover sod that morning (well, technically it was the afternoon) so I kept it simple with a veggie burger. There were plenty of other veggie options on the menu (generally the suggestion of a pub lunch makes me shuffle my feet and mutter something about being a vegetarian) but quite a lot of it was based around veggie chili and my wee hungover belly wasn't quite ready for that (though if I felt I could handle more food I would have added the garlic mushroom starter to my bill).

Phoenix Dundee chilli burger

This, obviously, is not my veggie burger but is my friend's chili burger. He's a big chili fan and has been a regular here for over ten years and compliments the facts that they pretty much pour a whole bowl of chili on the burger haha. I remember eating these at a golf club I used to work at a few years ago when I still ate meat and they are the messiest thing ever to eat (this looked just as messy).

Phoenix dundee menu

Pub lunches are never going to be where you go for a romantic soirée or your parent's diamond wedding anniversary (or it might be!) and they're rarely my first choice (they're only my first choice when I'm in a city I don't know and instead of Googling restaurants I find my nearest Weatherspoon's). But this wasn't an old man scene like I had anticipated and I could eat plenty of what the menu had to offer and, yeah, I'd recommend it.

Morag x
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Arliss Nancy

arliss nancy new look gig outfit 2

I am absolutely useless with blog titles when it comes to outfit posts so I'm going with the band that I wore this outfit to go see. Arliss Nancy are a Colorado punk-country band I've been a fan of for a while and I was through in Dundee to see them last week. They were as perfect live as I wanted and I think you should all go have a listen, and I think it was superb that they chose bands from the (very strong) local Dundee music scene to open for them

arliss nancy new look gig outfit 1
The outfit itself is what I would consider a simple gig outfit - comfy and still shows off my former emo-kid tendencies in a more adult fashion. The outfit is almost all New Look and was bought that day as I only got paid on the Friday when I was travelling through to Dundee so grabbed my Saturday night outfit whilst out shopping on Saturday afternoon (along with hair dye, half the Lush shop and a new nail polish). The bag and the jacket are both Primark and the shoes are obviously Vans, all of which I have owned a while.

arliss nancy gigoutfit new look

As most people will know I like to buy as much of my clothes from independent shops as possible, which obviously fell through with this outfit (though my ring is from Maggie's Farm but was bought whilst I still lived in Dundee myself). Mainly it was because I got paid only the weekend I was in Dundee itself (where my friend who is most willing to stand around playing photoshoot lives!) and didn't have the time to be raking through charity shops (which are slightly rarer in the city centre of Dundee compared to Glasgow). Knowing I had to hit the high street I picked up this outfit from New Look with a quick look in H&M as well knowing that these two shops - whilst not perfect - have better ethical reputations than their other high street counterparts.

arliss nancy gig out new look
Whilst boy-cotting Primark is difficult whilst on a graduate income I do try my best to avoid it and - writing on the internet so I can be held accountable - I'm deciding that I only want to buy work clothes from there going forward. All casual, sports and evening clothes will be bought from other stores, mainly independent but if I have to go high street then it will be New Look or H&M (I think M&S doesn't have a bad rep either but it's a bit pricier).

arliss nancy gig outfit new look 3

As for my face, I went for a bold lip with my Daniel Sandler Valentina lipstick - which is one of my favourites but I have to be in the correct mood to wear it. It's a plum purple with a hint of red coming through and the quality is one of the best I've tried. I bought this lipstick prior to my vegan transition so I can't say if it's a vegan lippy as I am yet to look into it, though the company are cruelty-free. I'm also wearing my brand new Barry M polish in Chilli however none of these photos show it close up (need to have a word with my photographer haha!).

Now go listen to Arliss Nancy (and their support acts LaChance, Robot Doctors and Broken Stories).

Morag x
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Lush Let The Good Times Roll cleanser

Lush let the good times roll

I mentioned this products just yesterday in my September Favourites video (I would link however I tried to add one annotation to the video and the quality skydived, I'm looking into it right now) but today I am putting up a full review on my blog for a little bit more detail.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of the Lush cleansers, one that I had my eye on for some time due to its incredible smell (it's like rolled oat cookies) but had put off as it's meant for drier skin types whereas I have oilier skin. However, last time I was in Lush just after payday I was in need of a cleanser and as I like to switch them up (biggest skin tip: your skin can get used to certain cleansers so try switching it up now and then) I decided to give it a chance.

And even though I have sometimes been pleasantly surprised by skin and hair products not suited to what mother nature gave me, this is definitely not suited for oily skin types. However, all was not lost and I found something this was really good for.

Instead of using it for my oily face, I ended up using it for drier parts of my body - i.e. my elbows, legs and a patch on the side of my stomach. Let The Good Times Roll exfoliates skin very gently (and I've never found exfoliating good for my face - need something very gentle) which made it much more suited to drier patches which are getting more and more common as autumn slowly creeps in on us.

However I'm not sure I will repurchase this as I can buy body exfoliators for much cheaper and I just don't quite like it enough. But I have liked it enough to include it last months favourites and to enjoy using it whilst I owned it. Herbalism is still - by far - my favourite Lush cleanser but skincare is so objective it's hard to review these things. However if any of my drier skinned followers have tried this I would love to hear their thoughts!

Morag x
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The Linkables

First off, Helen of Tea in the Tub has named me as her Blogger of the Month - go check her out!

I think it's fantastic to give blood but did you know your pooch can also give blood through this charity?

Wanting to learn more about offshire wind power? Dong Energy have launched a new information website alongside their campaign.

So Iceland are having a feminist conference where - wait for it - only men are invited

Vintage Roots is a new wine website I found for your fairtrade, veggie and ethical wine needs.

I live in a rented flat where my room was already purple so I rolled with that for my en-suite, though if I owned a house I'd certainly be eyeing up something neon.

I think the supernatural is fascinating and I think human sexuality is fascinating, but not quite feeling ghost sex,...

Just what your house needs: Turkish rugs with song lyrics woven into them.

A house DIY project I am tempted to try (thought the student twats in my building will probably steal it)

How to grow micro greens in winter.

For all you Netflix fans (which will be, like, everyone) here are some hacks.

8 things you need to stop apologising for told in a LOL-worthy fashion.

I'm not sure I agree with this argument entirely (though I believe there are better ways to discipline a child than spanking) but I think it is food for thought (NSFW, because it highlights that spanking is also a sex act).

Mainstream society still says women, by default, want kids and the child-free voices are getting louder but what about women who really aren't sure at all?

6 things to do to your Wordpress website every month.

The savvy Scot explains why unlimited holidays announced by Richard Branson may not be a good thing

Why do rappers (and other musicians) put on fake accents?

10 karaoke songs for people who can't sing (that will be me then).

October events happening in Dundee.

I've dipped in and out of Indie Chicks before but this week I've been delving through the archives and I am loving their Love+Sex section. Modern and healthy dating advice I can get behind (and y'all know how much I love to preach what makes a relationship healthy)

Fancy ways to eat toast.

Chelsea has been exploring organic farms in Europe and currently has some beautiful pictures of the English countryside on her blog (which is giving me wanderlust as I have weirdly visited more American cities than English ones).

If you know a class-privileged person who can't check their privilege then this is an amazing post that I think could help them see it. (I used to not be able to check my own class-privilege properly until two years ago, and it's from this experience that I say this post is good!)

I have had people all up in my face about allergy sufferers who have to limit their diet rather than pesky fuckers like me who choose to be picky, so I loved Sarah's post on living with both and wanting the allergies forced upon her and the vegetarianism she has chosen to both be respected.

Lastly, Birds-eye views of NYC over the years.

Morag x
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SheenaShona Jewellery Shop @ The Corinthian

sheena shona colour and trend

Despite having lived in Glasgow for almost two years one place I have never been is The Corinthian, although it's one of the most well known venues in the city. But luxury, British designed and made jewellery company SheenaShona recently opened up a shop in the front room and I was invited along for a cocktail, a slice of branded cake and a nosey at their Autumn/Winter range.

From the photos you can see this the range is simple and elegant. Due to the simplicity in the design it's the sort of jewellery that will go with many different outfits and one of the necklaces that caught my eye was the Lariat Pendant which is designed so that you can switch up the gemstone attached at the end and adjust the length of the necklace, making it incredibly versatile.

Another piece that took my fancy was the interlocking rings necklace which SheenaShona explained to me was inspired by the Glasgow 2014 symbol.

west end girl sheena shona

A range that however caught everyone's eye and had us passing them around was the engagement rings, as modelled here by Lynsay of Miss West End Girl. I like a good statement necklace and ring however when it comes to engagement and wedding rings I like something simple that will blend into most outfits (though my ideal ring would be a bespoke ring designed by an independent designer) and it was the minimalistic pear cut diamond that caught my eye (the one highest up on Lynsay's index finger and the one I Instagramed on the night). Though Lynsay disagreed and went for the bling bling and said she'd dress her outfit around her engagement ring if need be.

sheena shona cocktails at the corinthian

As for the Corinthian itself, well I didn't head in any further than the front room where the shop is. However the Corinthian did provide some cocktails for the event and those things were lethal. Not something to drink too many of if you're wanting to go to work in one piece the next morning (but they were delicious and I'm imaging having one now). I can definitely vouch for their cocktail standards.

sheena shona heart pendant

Also a big thank you SheenaShona and the organisers for this little beaut, which was given to me in my goody bag. I had known before I left the shop that what was in the bag would be 'special' and I rushed home to open it and see what it is. Like a lot of the range it is delicate and elegant and would be perfect for a classy occasion.

And finally a picture of the two lovely ladies themselves:

sheena and shona themselves

Their stuff is fabulous and, as mentioned, they now have their own shop in the Corinthian. You should definitely have a wee look at their website at the other pieces that I wasn't able to mention.

 Morag x

 P.S. I was invited along by a PR company and got a free gorgeous necklace, but wasn't paid for this. And as always all photos are on my Facebook page.
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