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What I wore to the Commonwealth Games

Whilst I can't say these are the most glamorous outfits I've ever put together, the idea of going to a sports event head to toe in a stereotypical fashion blogger assemble just feels ridiculous. When I'm at a sporting event I like to get into the spirit of things properly and proudly display my team on my chest, or wear something of the sporty persuasion if I'm not actually supporting any of the teams playing.

The generic Commonwealth t-shirt (from the official store in George Square) was what I wore the rhythmic gymnastics along with a quilted pleather skirt. I wouldn't recommend wearing real or fake leather in that heat however the 'day/casual' part of my wardrobe is my smallest part (I spend five out of seven days at an office) and I only realised how lacking it is in clothes that tick off all three bullet points of being day appropriate, suitable for sweltering heat, and something without a print (and let's be honest that's barely anything in my wardrobe). So pleather skirt with bare legs it was.

When it was time to see the Scottish Thistles take on Malawi the weather had cooled slightly and it was okay to done my casual attire 'fall-back' of tights with denim shorts. I don't have any photos of this as I went alone to this match so couldn't do snazzy outfit photos outside the SECC Precinc, so a selfie before I left will have to do. But for those of you with visual imaginations I was wearing this t-shirt with the shorts/combo mentioned above, a pair of black vans and my snazzy patriotic nail art (and a flag).

As for the netball final between Australia and New Zealand (and the bronze match between England and Jamaica before it) I wore a t-shirt my mum still had going about from her days in NZ with Māori patterns on it. You might not know (but I did mention it my main Commonwealth post) my parents lived in NZ for four years in the mid 80s. Even though I wasn't around yet (I was born in 1990, I sometimes get mistaken for a Kiwi if this isn't pointed out) and have never visited the back end of the world I decided to go with my parents' former home and support them (my parents still regularly support Kiwi sports teams). Teamed with my generic shorts, tights and vans look (but with a faux leather jacket).

If you're sporty, how do you like to dress to sports events?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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