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The Linkables

Important: tell Fox news to fire the presenter who called Robin Williams a coward.

Darren Hayes pays tribute to Robin Williams.

And a reminder that suicide and depression are not selfish.

I loved Zoe's frank blog post on whether university is correct for you.

How to deal with trolls.

My new favourite 'positive lifestyle' blog.

I'm not sure I agree with everything in it, but this is a good read about being a 'bad' feminist.

Also on feminism: a great feminist YouTuber I tweeted about this week Melissa A. Fabello who concentrates on body image and media literacy.

Related: 50 feminist films.

Less than a month until the British Beard and Moustache Championships.

Important quiz: are you an introvert, extrovert or sea monster? 

I'm currently experimenting with Trello to organise ideas.

Fancy brewing your own alcohol?

10 reasons why BMI is bullshit.

I don't think I want to try it but here's how to find your saddest tweets.

Something I've wondered for a while: why aren't tampons free?

50 irresistible vegan sandwiches.

Despite having a love for my balcony garden I suck at keeping house plants alive, maybe I need one of these?

An experiment with the Facebook algorithm: I liked everything for a week and this is what it did.

Tiny but tasteful tattoos.

New Instagram trend: taking a photo of statues but making it look like as though the statue is taking a selfie.

DIY heart marshmallows. (How glamorous do these women look whilst camping?)

You might argue some people have too much time on their hands, but I'm glad someone made a chart of the hip-hop artists with the largest vocabulary.

If you run a business you'll know you should be blogging but what if you really don't want to? Here are some other ideas.

Some new music I've been loving this week: NONONO.

Some more music I've been loving: Tiger Please.

Such memories: 29 things you'll only remember if you're a MySpace kid.

For fans of Shaun of the Dead (which should be everyone).

25 things people in healthy relationships do.

On the topic of healthy relationships Love is Respect is a site everyone should be reading.

Finally, realistic Pokemon.

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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