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Sup 2014? we're going to have fun with goals

As we all know I'm a bit of a to-do list and resolution fan. I'm not planning on making that many this year as last year I made a massive list which I didn't get all the way through so I want to continue working on it, and not give myself too many goals to complete in one year.  

2013 wasn't a bad year, but it was a boring year as I felt myself hit that plateau of 'holy fuck I'm an adult now' and struggled with self-identity and questioning what I really wanted. I have a few private goals which aims to work on this (which I won't reveal here) but I've put up a list of some of my other goals as putting it on the internet makes me more likely to do them.

Take up a sport again
If you follow me on Twitter on Instagram you'd think I was a big running nut. But actually I'm not. Throughout university (and other parts of my life) I was a sporty person who danced, played netball and swam out of a genuine love of the activity, rather than for the hell of it. I only ever ran or cycled during the summers to keep my fitness levels up and despite my efforts to become a serious runner, it didn't happen.

I'm already looking at pools in Glasgow, but if you know of any netball teams or dance/cheerleading troups give me a holla (or any other sports you reckon I should try).

Be more of a social initiator
Towards the end of last year it occurred to me that I have only been in three Glasgow nightclubs and about five bars and maybe six restaurants. It's not that I don't know anyone in Glasgow it's more that I've never been one to organise a night out. In a previous life in Dundee I didn't have to organise anything as there was almost always an invite on the table but if I want to create my previous socialite lifestyle (I kid, I kid, sort of) I need to start being the centre of it.

Focus on doing up my flat
I live in a gorgeous flat that I love calling mine. But it's still somewhat bare. Most of the decorative parts were purchased by me and my flatmate in a rush to make our abode look more 'alive' in approach of people actually coming over. I'd like to dedicate some more of my paycheck to making my house more of a home, even if we rarely do get guests.

Watch more tv/films
Huh, what? Don't people usually vow to watch less tv? Most people do, yes, but let me elaborate. I've always been a pop culture savant but last year I began to feel as though my pop culture knowledge was dated. I know there's always been jokes about me being stuck in the 90's (2004 at the latest) but last Halloween I didn't 'get' some people's outfits. Let re-hit the box and get caught up on something filmed this side of 2005.  

Blog goals
I haven't set that many as I'm liking the way my little piece of the internet is shaping up. I mentioned last Sunday that I would be retiring my In This Week series, and any beady eyed readers might have spotted that I haven't done many Things I Love Thursdays in a while. This has been on purpose as it began to feel like a chore (a sign I have naturally outgrown these posts) and my blog almost began to read like a magazine rather than a blog (and became the sort of blog I didn't like to read). I popped up my new layout last night, but I will still need to tidy things up and I'm planning to buy my url in the next few days (simply because it looks better on a business card lawl).

Nevertheless some of these goals will take up a considerable amount of my time (especially when you include the goals I am rolling over from last year) but as I now adjust to full-time work and actually doing something after 5pm, I see no reason why I can't fit in some modern TV show watching and an afterwork swim.

Hope you have a lovely 2014, and if you have any resolution posts send them over as they're one of my favourites to read.

morag | mo adore
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1 comment:

  1. Loving the new layout, Morag! I wish I could bring myself to get back in to netball but after a long health based hiatus I feel like it's been way too long. Happy new year, I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be x


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