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Bleach London I Saw Red

Before I start this review I would like to point out that I did, in fact, read the bottle and various blog posts that stated Bleach London works best on lighter hair.

But I tried it anyway because I loved the idea of wash in wash out dye in funky colours on the high street. I then found out that it doesn't appear to work on any hair colour that isn't blonde.

I used this on the morning of my trip through to Edinburgh for Halloween, to brighten up my red hair with not much worry as I had the next week off work. I wad disappointed that the dye didn't work on my naturally medium brunette hair (albeit dyed auburn, using henna) - I know it says 'recommended for blonde hair' but I thought it would still do something? But from the first look at my freshly dyed hair (once I was finished with the hair dryer) I seen no change. Not just 'it came out with one wash' look I mean my hair looked no different from the get-go.

I've been dying my hair auburn solidly for almost two years. And before that I went through a MySpace stage which seen me own bright red tresses and then diy blonde streaks (never again). Not once have I ever had a problem with my hair not changing colour, so you can see why I was surprised this did nothing.

Even if I did take a mad turn and bleached my hair I am not sure I would re-purchase this. I found the formula to be similar to a very thick gel/thin paste and found it quite difficult to spread through my hair. I would recommend taking a small bit spreading it through a section, and then continuing like that (not a big splat that you then spread and run through the hair). I also didn't own plastic gloves at this point so I used my bare hands - the dye came off no problem, which makes me wonder if this is hair dye, or hair paint...

I won't speak for the blondes of the world and your view is your view, but if you have any other hair colour (which would be, erm, most of you) then I'd just leave this on the counter.

Have you tried the Bleach London hair dyes? What did you think?

morag | mo adore
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  1. I've not heard of Bleach London, but thanks for the review because now I know not to try it!! :) I've often bought wash-out hair dyes only to find they either wash out after one wash, or (as now) change colour as you wash them and then stain your hair! oh dear. x

  2. I love Bleach London! Been using their Balayage 'Beach Lights' Kit for about a year now and couldn't recommend it more... didn't even know it was vegan until now! I guess it may not work as well on darker hair and I haven't tried the bright wash in-wash out colours yet! x

    1. Just a note that this was posted over a year ago before I went completely vegan. They're definitely cruelty-free but I'm yet to get in contact asking if they have vegan suitable hair dyes.


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