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Recently Read

The Purity Myth - Jessica Valenti
Some of my 'geek'/non-mainstream interests are feminism, sociology as a whole, sexual health and American culture, thus this was a book I had been meaning to read forever. However, I was a bit disappointed. I agree with everything that was written but it didn't bring-up anything I didn't already know. I certainly have a few more examples of sexism when it comes to 'virginity', but for a book that was only written three years ago I expected something a bit more groundbreaking. Maybe good if you're just getting started with feminism, but if you've been identifying with the label for a good while then I would say find something that takes social constructs apart some more.

Who Moved My Cheese? - Dr Spencer Johnson
This is one of the best selling business and self-development books of all time, but I had to admit I was very cynical given that it was a story about mice and cheese. Written to help people deal with their attitude to change; it tells the story of two mice and two humans who need to look for more cheese, and how they deal with it. Change isn't something I've ever struggled with but I still - in the end - did find this quite eye-opening. Because the author applies humans' general attitude/excuses/fear mongering of change to freaking cheese, it put change into perspective, in a somewhat humorous way. I really do think this is worth a read.

The Vampire Diaries (Volume 1 and 2) - L.J.Smith
I am an absolute fan-girl of the television series, and like most TV programmes and films that were once books I did it in the reverse order. From my regular reading of The Vampire Diaries Wiki (erm, yes?) I did realise the books were different and a fair bit had been changed, which you always have to expect. However I was very surprised by just how much had been changed to for a television screen. These two volumes came as one book so explains why I've read them both with an unfavourable opinion, but I reckon I'll just keep to the television series in the future. 

morag | mo adore
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  1. Who Moved My Cheese sounds great. The Purity Myth sounds really interesting. Shame it isn't actually that ground breaking.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I don't usually read the books after I've watched the TV series because it confuses my little mind. I am always scared that i ended up not wanting to watch the series

    Kirsty x Rockit Style

  3. Pity about The Purity Myth, are you going to watch/have you seen that documentary yet? I'm the same as Kirsty with tv book series! The only one i read is Pretty Little Liars but i still get a bit confused sometimes as they're quite different! xx


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