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Things I Love Thursday: That fluttery feeling of support

My recent order for myself - including some brand new ranges. 

When I start on a new project I feel all kinds of fluttery feelings in my stomach. It's all brilliantly exciting and all these ideas come pouring in. And you know what makes this feeling better? When people around you are supportive and don't feel some kind of need to piss on your dreams. 

There's always been people who feel like its their God-given right to shit on someone else's life choices. Thankfully over the years I've become adapt at blocking out the sounds of these people. But obviously it hurts that someone in your life tells you you can't do something.

That's why since launching my Arbonne business just one month ago I've been so grateful that the kind words of support have outweighed the negatives. Nobody is yet to tell me they think it's a balls idea that I will fuck up but I've witnessed the odd raised eyebrow and negative body language. Hearing someone say they'll be quitting the 9-5 and driving a Mercedez in two years is a bit bonkers apparently. 

Bonkers, shmonkers. 

To everyone who has shown excitement, liked my recent Facebook photo of my new products or even just asked how it's going when you see me then you thank you thank you. Your words are keeping me going during the start-up phase. 

Love you!

morag | mo adore
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