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Eurovision Party Food 2013

In case you hadn't heard Saturday was Eurovision. And I had a party which was essentially me and some friends watching the show wearing fancy dress. And some of my friends brought food which we pigged on (and also brought alcohol, which we drank up).  

Bringing food to the yearly Eurovision party me and my friend have is optional, however the year it was my turn to host I was especially lucky to have loads of my guest bring food. Gillian brought loads of French themed goodnees across from Edinburgh including strawberry macaroons, French onion dip, breadsticks, Camembert cheese, mini-quiches (both veggie and meat), crisps as well as 'champagne' and Chambord. Completely showed up my Danish pastries and Carlsberg but it all my other guests agreed she did a delish job. 

My other friend also came as Belgium and brought along waffles and chocolates, whereas my friend who was Malta brought along Malteasers. Within the mix we also had some Gin for UK, nettle cheese from the Dutch stall at last week's food stall in St Enoch square, baguettes and Swedish vodka. 

And a lot of it was also left at mine to have a cheeky hungover munch the next day. 

morag | mo adore
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  1. Malta - Malteaser? Genius idea!

    I love themed party food :)


    1. Food is much better at a themed party ;)

  2. Woo!! All that food makes me huuungryyy!!X

  3. This looks like so much fun, I wanna have a eurovision party next year!
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