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Things I love thursdays: light nights

Unless you're yet to be corrected on your lateness I'm guessing everyone has realised the clocks jumped forward last weekend. Yes, it meant one less hour in bed and the banking computers to yet again fail when you're trying to get money out to pay yourself into a club (cougghhhh) but hello lovely evenings!

I am a summer baby and even though the temperature still isn't quite 'summer' (even by British standards) I get to feel like it is, from inside my faux fur coat.

I'm not exactly lounging on my balcony but my living room has huge windows which go all the way up my living room wall (which you can half see in the picture) and allows the evening sunshine to fill my flat up with summertime. I was lounging on the sofa after work this week and even though I moved into my flat six months ago I was still amazed at my luck at finding this place.

I hope it's sunny at the weekend to I can fully enjoy the sunshine from inside my flat. A moment I'd like to freeze in time for sure.

morag | mo adore
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  1. It's kind of messing with my head now that we have lighter evenings, so far it just feels odd, especially as it's so cold still. Wow, I'd love to have windows like yours, they make such a difference. :-) Have a lovely weekend.

    Alex xo

  2. I'm really enjoying the light nights too, especially now that I've got a dog and he needs lots of walking x

  3. Totally agree - there's just something happy about light nights! I love at Christmas when its really dark and everyone is all wrapped up with the lights on as you hurry up Ingram street with GOMA in front of you, but with the exception of the month of December I think every night should be light :L

  4. We have similar doors in our living room and a mini balcony which is so nice now it is lighter, the room goes a nice golden colour. You look lovely! xxx


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