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The Linkables

Beigel is by far my fav blogger pet and I love how Emma makes such an effort on his birthday

One of my long term blogger buddies is moving to Glasgow - weegie bloggers go give her some loooovvveeee!

Lynne's teenage diary shows she was a blogger in the making even back then. Funny the way things work out?

Lovely hearing about how lovely your home country is from an outsider. 

Things to eat: spelt focaccia with goats cheese and caramalised onion, mint areo cupcakes,  and Orange, Blueberry and Banana Smoothie.

I'm all for looking how you want but I do cock my head when girls go overboard on the fake stuff.

Another cute dog alert

My GHD's failed on me last summer and I haven't yet since saved up for a new pair - but apparently Babyliss have a pair just as good.

Laura echoes my views on benefits.

Agreed: four agreements to live by

I don't have a proper desk, but if I did I'd want it to look like this.

morag | mo adore
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  1. I love reading foreign people's accounts about their visits to Scotland, it makes me fall in love with my homeland all over again x

  2. Lovely post :) Scotland is gorgeous! x

  3. Argh, I agree!! That desk is a thing of beauty!!! x

  4. I am going to go completely over the top on Sam's first birthday, 24th June, watch out for the post! x

  5. Eeeee, I'm SO excited! Thanks for the link lovely!!

    I love the post about Scotland, it's so easy to forget how great it is when you live here. xxx

  6. Aww thanks for the linky! :)


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