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In This Week

Howdy bloggers! How has your week been? You might have guessed that mine was full of excitement, nervousness and a lot of travelling. Friday night was my Arbonne launch in Dundee and despite all my swallowing the fear type of talk this week in the end it was more amazing than I could have ever thought. My friend's were pleased for me, took away products to try and some were interested in becoming consultants themselves! 

I had to rush back to Glasgow that night due to a Kilmarnock trip to see my Grandad's family. I seen some of my ageing relatives who may have zimmer frames but still like a good drink! The alcohol didn't quite hit me until I was doing my shop in Tesco on the way home. Don't say 80 years old can't party. 

This was an absolutely amazing weekend and tomorrow I have to return to my 9-5 'real' job. But I feel happy and excited that a new chapter in my life is unfolding. I still have no words to use to describe some of the feelings I'm feeling. 

I'm also planning to do a Glasgow launch near the end of May/beginning of April, if any bloggers are interested in hearing about Arbonne?

Lots and lots of squeely happy love! 
morag | mo adore
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  1. My last exam is May 31st so you can talk to me about products then :D x

    1. Excellent! I'll be making a little list for dates when most people will be free so that's early June in the lead :) xx

  2. SO glad your launch went well! The products are fab x


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