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The Linkables

I've been ultra busy this week so haven't had as much time to gather any links. But here are a few anyway.

I mentioned in my why I am a feminist post that I had an ex who highly believed I should take his last name. This post retaliates all the common arguments as to why women should.

Whilst I am not the utmost grammar Nazi, I disagree that these 10 spelling mistakes are easy to make. To put it bluntly, unless English isn't your first language or you have a learning difficulty, you should understand there, their and they're.

I'm certainly not going to stop buying loads of make-up and clothes but I'd like to make sure I at least do it ethically so Louise's review of Love The Planet Washing Cleansing Pads made me smile!

If you didn't know Will & Grace is being aired on E4 again. I've been watching for the first time ever and I am hooked. Literally howling at so many scenes!

Finally, this is more of a marketing link but if you like fun and fiesty females then you may also lobe The Middle Finger Project.

morag | mo adore
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  1. I really love reading and clicking through your 'The Linkables' posts! They're great!

    Bump to Baby

  2. Haha fab post! Definitely agree about the grammar... I spend most of my days at work correcting the guys. Some of it is just laziness though!

    hannah xx

  3. Speakig of Rocky Horror, Stuart dressed up in a corset when he went to see it with his family :') I loved Louise's review too xx

  4. How the flip did I miss your feminist post?! I'm going back to it right now. I love Will and Grace, I saw the pilot the other day and couldn't believe how different Will looked! xxx


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