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Is Topshop make-up cruelty free?

When it comes to living the cruelty-free lifestyle one of the hardest parts is knowing who tests and who doesn't. Occasionally it's easy (they sell in China) but sometimes it is hard (they have a parent company) and it makes me pout.

I have for some time on my brand list kept a list of brands who I just can't work out. This list could also be called 'I believe they do but can't find the absolute proof'. And I generally just leave it at that.

However I want to throw the issue of TopShop make-up out there. The reason is because I keep seeing them reviewed on cruelty-free beauty blogs and it has began to bug me. I've never blindly taken the findings of other cruelty-free bloggers without looking into it myself - not since discovering Benefit sold in China the day after purchasing their They're Real mascara. So I don't want to take this blogger approved stance as the final word (sorry!).

*clears throat and presents findings*

The TopShop website has a ship to China option, though it is possible to work around animal-testing if it's a finished product but this is still China we're talking about. I also can't tell if make-up can be shipped to China or if it is certain products only. It has been reported that Topshop is set to open a store in Hong Kong but Hong Kong has a different political system though what their animal testing stance is remains unknown to me. However even if HK doesn't upkeep this ridiculous law is this store opening the beginning of a big Topshop expansion across China? I also can't find in the news reports if this flag-ship store will contain make-up or just clothes.

You see where I'm getting confused?

The reason I am posting this is to get a real discussion on Topshop and China on the go and finally answer this question. The presence of Topshop cosmetics on cruelty-free beauty blogs indicates that maybe I have missed something. It might be something big that I was stupid not to spot or it might be something so small only someone who has a PhD in the topic would know.

I also keep reading rave reviews and really want to know if it's safe to join the blogger hype.


morag | mo adore
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  1. Good question! My previously favourite make up brand (Urban Decay) is now owned by L'Oreal so I have stopped buying it, however it's still on PETA's cruelty-free list.

    1. Yeah, the PETA list is decided by looking at the production of each company and doesn't consider parent companies.

    2. Yes, Urban Decay is now part of L'Oreal, but their animal testing policies haven't been compromised. They wanted to stay independent in that aspect. So, Urban Decay is still as cruelty-free as before and is still safe to buy from :)

  2. Ohh never even thought about this! Hmm might send them an email and see what they say! xx

    1. I would send an e-mail but every time I have sent any e-mail to a brand I've had no response so I feel it's a shit method lol!

  3. I know that Hong kong is the only place in China where animal testing is not required.
    A brand that sells there may be cruelty free.
    But it's true that they are more at risk to expand to China if they already are in HK

    For the shipping, I saw 100% pure cosmetics on twitter say to a customer that they won't ship in China because of their laws...
    So it doesn't look to good to me :(

    1. I had briefly read on a blog that Hong Kong doesn't require animal testing but it isn't something I've researched in any great depth.

      But selling in HK doesn't make it looks as though they will eventually expand to China.

  4. Sorry for a long comment, but...
    I have e-mailed TopShop and they said they did not test on animals, BUT I found it weird that they weren't listed on any cruelty free websites, and the foundation I had didn't have any "we don't test on animals!" things on it.
    So I e-mailed them again and they said they did test on animals!! I published this information on my tumblr blog, and a couple of people told me "it says on their website their makeup isn't tested on animals!" so I e-mailed them a 3rd time (!!) and said I have had two different responses for you.
    The 3rd reply I got said that they didn't test on animals...she didn't think...but I should ring customer services to check. That basically made me decide they do! If they can't really say for sure, then it's obviously not a policy of theirs. Companies that don't test on animals are usually very clear about it, and if anything use it as a selling point.
    I'm guessing their finished products are not tested on animals, as stated on the website, which most likely means that their ingredients are. I did try ringing their customer services, which was TopMan and not topshop, but I was waiting so long I hung up! Hope this helps a little bit?! :)

    1. Thankyou for this! I was about to purchase some makeup from their website as well, although I did research a few months back and somewhere it clearly stated that they did but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it! Oh well, it's a shame but there are much better cruelty-free companies out there.

    2. Thank you for your replies! I also take the approach that if a company never straight up states they don't test on animals we can take it as they probably do or they have no idea what their suppliers do with the raw ingredients.

  5. Recently a law against animal testing was accepted in my country, meaning no products tested on animals can be sold in this country. But, i'm still very confused about this as i haven't noticed any change in cosmetic department, there is still L'Oreal, Max Factor, Clinique, Dior... I'm also shocked to realise The Body Shop was bought by L'Oreal. It's hard to know who you can trust nowdays, don't know where to shop anymore :(

    1. The EU ban means that the individual products are not to be tested on animals, but the brand can still test elsewhere.

      For example, a batch of Mac lipsticks sold into the EU cannot be tested on animals but a different batch of the same lipstick can be tested on animals to be sold into China.

  6. I have found a great site that sells Cruelty-Free Cosmetics. It's at

  7. I work in Topshop and still don't know if they do or don't! (hense why i typed it in google to try & find out more & came across your post). Although someone did tell me that they are produced by the same company as MAC, and i know MAC are really bad for animal testing. All my make up was MAC until i found out. Its so annoying that they are not more clear cut cruelty free highstreet brands! But i won't be buying any Topshop make up until i can get an answer.


    1. I thought MAC only stopped being cruelty-free because they started selling in China...

  8. hah

  9. hi. my daughter is interested in cosmetics. i know nothing about it. but i want to get her some cheap budget cruelty free cosmetics. i live in a small dead town with not many shops. i heard superdrug b. and sainsbury's own brand are cruelty free. are there any common highstreet/supermarket brands where i can walk into a shop and select some presents with confidence of them being cruelty-free. thanks. there is a body shop 30 miles away. anyone like that? it's hard enough for a scruffy 43 year old dad in the same joggers hes had for 25 years to pick the colors etc, without having to check each brand. would appreciate anyone who gets the jist of what i mean and can recommend any suitable budget ranges, for her to play with ans practice with. she wants to become a fashion show / movie makeup artist rather than grow up too quickly. cheers, best wishes

    1. Hiya! Don't know if you're still after an answer because this was posted a while back but I just came across your comment. You're totally right about Superdrug and Sainsbury's- anything of their own brand is cruelty free. Soap and Glory do a great range of cruelty free cosmetics which can be found in Boots as do Barry M (they're a really good budget brand if it's just for something to play around with!) I also really like Gosh which are a cruelty free brand sold in Superdrug. Hope this helps! xx

  10. I hope you found something nice :) I only know and love soap and glory products and superdrug brand in the UK when I visit there. She probably wants a colour palette (eye shadow selection).. I'd take her with you to choose foundation etc.. She can test the colour on the inside of her wrist. You sound like a really dedicated parent!


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