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In This Week

I've been lying in bed most of the day with a grouchy headache as the upstairs neighbours had a drum and bass party last night (including jumping in time with the music - were they having a midnight exercise class?) so this is likely to be a quick one before I head down stairs to make tomorrow's work lunch.

Next week will see me attend my first corporate event on behalf of my work so I headed into town to pick up some 'smarter' pieces for my wardrobe. I already own a burgundy business dress but picked up a structured and neutral coloured bag from Primark as well as a new non-ratty looking purse and two pairs of shoes. The black ones with the lace detail are designed for next week but in light of a lot of my ballet pumps falling apart I decided to treat myself to two pairs - the other being the rubbery material we're seeing, which will I'm hoping equal waterproof (hurry up Spring!). I also sent out an Instagram last night of my new jumper/shirt combo which I absolutely love (£10 in the New Look sale) which I'm planning to show off at work tomorrow (but again, just in the office - don't know if I'll yield any clients with a cartoon dog on my chest!). 
morag | mo adore
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  1. Argh I hate noisy neighbours, it stresses me out so much, I hope they don't do it too often! Good luck at the corporate event this week. I have a secret love for shopping for work outfits xxx

    1. Thnak you Becca! I'm sure it will go fine - I'm just nervous.

  2. Oooooo lovely shoes! Hope your work event goes well :-)
    Lianne x


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