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Things I Love Thursday: These Past Two Years

It was for an interview - which I got!

Yesterday I celebrated my two year blogversary (listen up Oxford, it's a new word) and rambled on about how much my life has changed in two years thanks to blogging. I also made reference to other things having happened that lead to my almost constant state of happiness. 

It's probably all documented within my blog somewhere but I'm going to list it anyway. Because I love lists.

My part-time job
I landed an amazing part-time job in social media not long into 2011, when I was in my third year of university. I had no idea what I wanted to do until then and was truthfully getting quite confused about my future. I had always been passionate about social media and the internet as a whole but it was one of those jobs that I just didn't quite grasp how people made their way into it. As there isn't (yet) a degree or college course on digital marketing it is remaining a career people tend to fall into. And I am so grateful I have. 

Founding the Abertay Cupcake & Baking Society
I kept pretty quiet about which Dundonian university I attended for privacy reasons. And thus kept (reasonably) quiet about my little baby. I'll now reveal I attended Abertay and I am the very proud founder of the Abertay Cupcake & Baking Society. I love my little baby and even more so that it still exits now. I gained so much confidence, something extra to talk about at interviews and made one of my best friends ever through it. 

My move to Glasgow
We've all heard me gush about this plenty of times before. Next.

Became vegetarian
Also heard too much about this.

Remained single and got to know myself
In two months it will have been two and a half years since I was someone's girlfriend. Being single this long does the invite pitty questions and I recently found out I'm considered one of those girls who are 'always single'. Hold the phone! I have loved these past two years (as difficult as the first few months were) and I believe I really needed to be singe a while. My bad relationship habit that needed breaking was losing sense of myself in a relationship and changing even if the guy wasn't trying to change me. I now have a much stronger view of who I am and believe I would make a much better girlfriend, were the right guy to come along.

Bought my DLSR
Probably the most money I've ever parted with in one go, but so glad I have. My most treasured possession.

A flat I love
It has a balcony, open plan living/kitchen, breakfast bar and a spare room. Plus my room has a en-suite and a large windowsill for basking like a cat. I'm smug. 

Lots of happiness and love!

morag | mo adore
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  1. If the university I go to doesn't have some sort of baking society I am totally making one! You look so different in the photo x

  2. I think being single is totally important! I was always 'relationship girl' then after breaking up I spent nearly 3 years single and its made me a much better person - and exactly as you say it's because I know myself and it does make me a better girlfriend now because I don't just settle for the sale of being in a relationship and I genuinely like the relationship I'm in.

  3. I can definitely relate to the feeling of losing your sense of self when in a relationship, as I definitely felt that in the past. I'm so much happier now I have a strong identity & I'm with someone supportive and encouraging xo

  4. I love this post! I've enjoyed being single for the past umpteen years but I'm beginning to feel the pressure to find 'the boy'. I'm starting to see my future being surrounded by cats. Many many cats.




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