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The story behind my favourite pair of heels!

Obviously I've been wearing shoes my entire life but having parents who weren't that into fashion meant I was only owned the amount of shoes that were necessary which was essentially school shoes, gym shoes, play shoes, a pair for nice occasions and maybe some slippers I got for Christmas. New ones were only bought when needed. And they would rarely cost more than £15.

Fast forward to me as a financial independent 22 year old I have what could be close to 30 pairs (never counted, but could easily be true). I started to own more shoes as I hit 18 as I began to go out more and thus 'needed' nicer shoes for club nights. I bought my very first pair of heels/going out shoe in the boxing days sales of 2007 in Next. My mum technically paid for them but I gave her the talk of promising I would learn to walk in them in the house. I never wore them outside of the house until I went off to university and couldn't wear trainers at the events throughout freshers week. I can still remember putting them on for my first nightclub in Dundee along with black jeans and a white top - still complete with braces *cringe*. I couldn't walk in them yet and it was commented on. I was still determined that I would master heel walking and bought about upteen pairs whilst in my first year of university. I didn't ever walk comfortably in any of them and by the time second year hit I would rarely wear them (and would at least put flats in my bag for when I did) unless it was a fancy occasion where I would be sitting most of the time.

It wasn't until 2012 that I gained inspiration from Nubby Twiglet: wedges! They would give me the elongated legs that heels brought and also just some general glamour that even the nicest ballet flat just can't. I picked up some wedges in New Look which can be seen in this outfit post and was able to walk to my friends house almost 20 minutes away and dance away that night with little trouble. I still got a taxi home though. 

The only problem was that they didn't match a lot of what I already owned.

This silly story takes shape as I reveal to you what my favourite shoe is today. And they are a pair I bought recently but have become my default going out shoe. They are black so will go with most of my clothes, are slightly statement so still add some spark to a boring dress (but I rarely buy a dress that doesn't have some kind of sparkle, bow or layers anyway), elongates my leg and allows me to look over people, but I can still walk in them! 

Seeing as Next was the first place I ever bought a heeled shoe and also the place where I got another heeled shoe which is usually my go-to when I need a delicate spiked heels for a really formal event, it seems fitting that I still check out their range from time to time. 

1 / 23

I've selected these three from the range as I generally prefer my shoes plain as not to make my outfit too fussy given how much I love a patterned dress! I mentioned in the video where I bought my favourite pair that I was looking for a plain black boot and Next certainly has plenty in their range that meets that criteria. I've also been lusting over some studded ballet flats but the ones I've seen have been obviously cheap looking! Cough, Primark.

I also need slippers so these too!

And then obviously Spring is coming in less than two months now so I'll need to start thinking about sandles.

This post was written as part of a competition run by Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream. If I win I will receive a gift voucher for Next, but if I don't this post will remain up as everything said has been true. If you want to enter yourself you can check out the details here.

Much shoe love!

morag | mo adore
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  1. Hi every girl has that one special pair of shoes that they will wear again and again xx I need slippers, my mum brought me slipper-socks but i want big fuffy over-size slipper!

  2. I think wedges are totally the way forward, haven't bought a pair of heels in forever! Those slippers are so cute as well haha I always buy slippers and then end up not wearing them though!

  3. I love the black lace-up ones and the studded ballerinas!

  4. thank you so much for taking the time to enter :) x

  5. Wedges definitely work - and they are easier to walk in than heels.


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