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Review: Dentyl Active Mouthwash

Whilst I've never documented it on here: I am a huge teeth person. I think it comes from having had braces on for three years and that oddly proud feeling of not having had a single filling in my 22 years. Teeth is also something I'm quick to notice on another person. Therefore I take care of mine. 

I was offered this as PR sample (but received the full sized product) and after some Googling discovered that Dentyl Active is a cruelty-free brand.** I had seen this mouthwash before but usually I stick to cheaper brands as I don't view mouthwash as the most important part of my regime. 

Admittedly I wasn't overally impressed. Shaking the liquid together made me ask myself in bathroom "why can't Dentyl formulate it differently so I don't have to shake bottles at 8am?". Also I was expecting it to be minty but it wasn't. I can't really describe what it did taste like, but it wasn't the minty freshness I expect from tooth products. I think the only thing I liked was the colour. 

Sorry Dentyl thumbs down!


* Was sent to my for free for consideration. My opinion is my own. 
** My confirmation of this being cruelty-free was Google - I have never contacted the company. 
morag | mo adore
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  1. I love Dentyl mouthwash. You might prefer the mint flavoured one - which is green. Well done on never needing a filling. I have the dentist 2moro for a check up eeep.

    Much Love:


    1. Thanks for the heads up! :) Will check that out!

  2. Not a fan of high street mouthwashes because as you know it's all about the ingredients for me. I use a natural one from Sarakan :)

    1. I remember reading a review of a natural mouth wash on your blog at one point. Been meaning to check it out!


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