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Things I Love Thursday: Best bits of 2012

As the year draws to a close and I write my final TiLT post for the year it seems obvious I should focus on what has been great about this past 12 months. I was going to leave this post until Monday but I decided it would be better here. 

Honestly, the past year has been a year of big change. As documented on my blog I finished university, got my first 'proper' job, moved to Glasgow where I found myself an amazing flat with a lovely flatmate and quickly made some new friends. But not so documented was the shuffle in my friends group where I made the decision I was better off without some people and two romantic heartbreaks. So yeah. Not all peachy. This time last year I'd say I was in a really different position than I am right now.  

But less of the boo-boos and more of the yeah yeahs!

I got myself a DLSR
Which I still can't work properly

I became a redhead again
And people I have known years forgot what my natural hair colour is.

I moved to a city I love

It's called Glasgow. It's where I can wear a jacket with bear ears and not get funny looks. Even taking photos of myself in Glasgow Green.

I'm not a loner in said city
I have a flatmate I don't want to kill, have met Glaswegian blog friends in person and have workmates within my age group.

I'm working and earning full-time
Where I wear pleather skirts and studded boots.

I visited one new continent and three new countries
And looked ultra stylish at the Victoria Falls.

I came face-to-face with a great white shark
There is no witty comment to describe this.

I received my first blog freebie
It was a Greek Goddess costume for Eurovision. Which is still my best freebie.

I wore my most complimented Halloween outfit ever
Even if I did look ill wearing my left over green make-up on the morning-after train

Lots of 2012 love and excitedness for 2013.

morag | mo adore
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  1. I'm so jealous of your greek goddess costume! I'm glad 2012 was such a good year for you. You now have a new follower!

    You also look amazing as a redhead :p

  2. I love this post <3 I had a bit of a reshuffle amongst my friendship groups in 2012 and although it wasn't easy it's been much better in the long run, and I'm so happy you're loving living in Glasgow!

  3. please can i elbow my way in here and attempt to steal your style straight from under your nose.
    the jumper in your first pic with your new dslr. would you dish the secret of where it was from?
    i hope you have a very good new year :) xx

    1. I got it from Primark, and it was a dress jumper that came down to my thighs :)

  4. Your Halloween costume is the most awesome thing I have ever seen! I actually love it so much!x


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