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In This Week

I'm guessing most people's weekly summaries are going to be very Christmas based. And mine is no exception. As I said weeks earlier I'm getting into the spirit a lot more than usual - my parents' house hasn't been my permanent home for over four years now but this is the first I've ever bothered with my own tree. It's also the first time since primary school that I've made Christmas cards. I wasn't planning to make cards for colleagues, my Gran, parents and flatmate until my work-mate spotted the Christmas cards I was planning to give to Hayley and Louise and went in a pretend strop. So I went one better for the rest of the sales/marketing team. 

I'll probably still do some picture posts tomorrow and Tuesday but as the trains have been temperamental recently we'll see how well I get from Glasgow to Aberdeen (after a half day at work too). I think I need all the luck in the world. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

morag | mo adore
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  1. Those cards are so cute, it's so much nicer than even getting one from the shops1

    Merry Christmas!xx


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