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Review: Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I've been a fan of winged eyeliner for years now and whilst it was almost always part of my "night-time look" it only a few months ago became part of my day time look too. Drawing on eyeliner helps make my eyes look bigger and the winged bit helps draw attention to the outer corners helping trick people into not noticing my close together eyes. 

I picked up the Soap and Glory catliner pen after Lily  mentioned she was a fan and couldn't recommend it more highly. Having been a fan of all Soap and Glory products I had tried thus far I decided to pick it up when my current one ran out. I had received an eyeliner pen in one of my old Glossybox or Boudoir Prive boxes and immediately discovered that I found it much easier to apply than liquid liner. Since then I have only ever contemplated buying pen liners because I find it much easier to work with and 'draw' a certain shape on to my eyelids. 

Applying the Soap and Glory eyeliner was just as easy as I had imagined. I needed to go over certain bits to make it as pigmented as I wished so the 'carbon black' on the packaging is a bit misleading but nothing that I would complain about. 

However the thing that does make me want to hunt out a new eyeliner was it's lack of staying power. Whilst wearing this you have to be careful not to touch your eyes at all, or cry even a bit. Whilst crying and over-rubbing your eyes in never something I'd recommend whilst wearing any eye make-up; even just trying to remove an eyelash would cause this to smudge. I also suffer hayfever in the summer so need an eyeliner that can withstand a lot. Then even if you do manage to not rub your eyes or cry you'll find that it will fade within hours. 

I hate saying I wouldn't recommend this as every other product I've tried from Soap and Glory range (mainly their skin products) I would highly recommend within a heartbeat. This is the first item from their make-up range I've tried so I don't know how their other make-up measures up, but I'm a little put off and might just stick to their body products. 

morag | mo adore
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  1. Hmm... I am going to get this to try once my MAC one runs out, I have oily eyelids and eyeliner often ends up under my eyes! But I'll give it a go and see, I love the felt tip liner pens too. I had a NYX one which was quite good, so maybe I'll need to hunt that one down again if Supercat doesn't suit! xx

  2. Ah thats a shame! I thought it would be quite good. I'm a fan of the MAC liquid eyeliner and have been for years however do want to change it soon. Apparently the Pixi one is supposed to be quite good!

    Sam x


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