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In This Week

1. Me. 2. Caterpillar cake. 3. Carrot pancakes and home-made humours. 4. Mango and Noodle salad (for the tenth time!). 5. Mr Bean does Blind Date. 6. Fields around my village. 

How has everyone's September been so far? All two days of it.

Mine has been the usual routine of waiting back from applications/interviews, going for runs and playing chef in the kitchen. Plus, watching silly YouTube videos (if you are a Vampire Diaries fan and share my silly sense of humour you shall enjoy - if not ignore and keep reading). If I run out of clothes or beauty products I'll blog about my adventures on YouTube to fill the gaps.

The second picture on the left shows the carrot pancakes I made. Since this photo got zero Instagram likes I'll have to do some convincing on how divine they were. If you like onion badgies then there is a high chance you'll like these with the ingredients being a regular pancake mix, coriander, cumin, onion and carrot. It wasn't until I hit the fourth pancake that I realised what food I was being reminded of.

Lots and lots of Mr Bean love!

morag | mo adore
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  1. I love the caterpillar cake :) x

  2. I love that you found a 'Mr Bean does Blind Date' episode. Such a huge amount of love for Mr Bean, despite our school drama department only having one video - a Mr Bean one - which they would constantly play from the start so we saw the same episode every single time :L

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog :) those cupcakes look delishhhh!



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