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In this Week

1. Cocktails at 2pm. 2. Bar Soba in Glasgow. 3. Mushroom wrap at Bar Soba. 4. My friend's beef dish at Bar Soba. 5. Lunch after my interview in Glasgow. 6. Homemade bean burger. 7. On my Facebook newsfeed. 8. New mascara. 

Just like last week I have been completely missing in action because of interviews but this time it is because on Thursday I found out that the job I was preparing for all last week is now mine! :D :D :D

I have kept it to myself so far because on Tuesday my parents took off on their trip around Australasia and I was not able to contact them until Saturday morning (which was Saturday evening to them) and thought it was unfair if far too many people knew before then. But now that they know I can make it common knowledge. ;)

So when do you start? As soon as I can become a Glasgow resident. Because the job is partially (or completely) funded by the Commonwealth fund it means I need to have an address in Glasgow before I can be given a start date. And let me tell you flat hunting (especially when you don't live in the city you're trying to flat hunt in) is brain numbing. The last time I flat hunted was for my final year flat in Dundee and the second e-mail I got on gumtree was the one, and I hit a good deal. So having already had two flat viewings and a few e-mails I've had to say no to has been disheartening. If anyone has any flat hunting tips (especially for Glasgow) I'd love to hear them! 

Aside from the whole trying to find a place to sleep in Glasgow part I am really really excited to move to Glasgow. The first time I went to Glasgow as an adult was a year ago for Social Media Week and the minute I walked onto Buchanan Street I just fell in love and by the end of the day I knew I wanted to live there. I took a trip down yesterday (accompanied by one of my Dundee friends) for some flat viewing fun and she also noticed how alive and trendy Glasgow was in comparison to Dundee (okay, anywhere is trendy in comparison to Dundee). 

We stopped by for early afternoon cocktails and food in Bar Soba, and both of us had amazing things to say about the place. Great food, amazing atmosphere, trendy decor, magazines to read and good looking staff members (got caught eyeing one up...oops!). Couldn't recommend it higher! 

On a lower note I am disappointed to learn that Benefit Cosmteics sell in China. I just bought the anniversary They're Real mascara and was looking really forward to reviewing it because it is an amazing mascara but now it will have no place on my blog because of the company's stance on animal testing. They were always a company I heard mixed things about when it came to animal cruelty as they had always said "we do not test on animals but we cannot guarantee our suppliers don't" which is fair enough. But after seeing the Chinese version of their site I knew what the truth was. And will not buy anything more from them after I finish my current collection. (N.B. to sell in China you have to test on animals, so any company that does cannot be considered cruelty-free)

morag | mo adore
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  1. YAY CONGRATS! Good luck with moving to Glasgow and the new job when it starts! Flat hunting can be such a nightmare, I'm so glad I've managed to keep the same flat for the last few years. Packing up and looking for somewhere new seems so stressful. x

    1. Thank you :) I spent a lot of yesterday looking at other flats and I'm just waiting on an exact time and location to go view another one tomorrow which looks really promising (and absolute steal for what you get!).

  2. i'd never heard of Bar Soba before, but it looks adorable and is definitely on my 'To Visit' list now.

    Best of luck on the flat-hunt. It'll be worth it to live the Glasgow lifestyle!

  3. those drinks look amaaazing!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my giveaway to win a MAC lipstick and 5 models own polishes! just click one page back!

  4. Hi Morag! I LOVE Glasgow too! My mum is from Greenock so we went to Glasgow for her 50th a couple of years ago. The minute I stepped onto Buchanan Street (and Sauchiehall Street) I knew I wanted to live somewhere like that too! I'd love to live in Glasgow but I think that's a bit far for my other half!! I love all the tenement houses and Georgian Architecture. Lush!!
    I am so disappointed to realise that Benefit test their products on animals. I love Benefit but I will not be replacing my products when they run out now :(

  5. Congrats on the job and good luck flat hunting. You need to visit Solid Rock Cafe in Hope St if you haven't been. And remember there's a Fopp, an Oxfam bookshop and a million boutiques in Byers Rd/West End which you'll love

  6. I love Glasgow - hope the flat hunting turns out ok!
    Where abouts in the north east are you?x

    1. I'm currently living just 3 miles outside of Aberdeen. Can't say the village name for privacy reasons ;)


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