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In This Week

In this Week: baking, veganism and cheesecake!
1. Finding a health food shop within a Tesco. 2. Vegan baking. 3. Chocolate and chilli muffins. 4. Cherry Sundae Cupcakes. 5.Cannelloni. 6. Savoury Cheesecake. 

Aside from the on-going job search this week has been more experimenting in the kitchen, going out for drives, discovering new music via Spotify and (I still have my account in 2012!) and enjoying Film4's Fright Fest until the early hours of the morning. And then being woken up at 5am because of the sunshine! So a bit grouchy hahaha.  

When I was younger, say mid-teens, I was a complete music and film junkie and right now I'm feeling that all come back. I'm not sure whether it's because in the last few weeks of living in my university town I spent most of my time at an alternative club or because I now have access to a TV again, or because the mainstream music is just a bit too R&B-ish for me right now.  Either way I'm scouring Spotify for new artists,  so if you have anything that might appeal to a indie, pop-punk alternative chick (all time favourite acts include Goo Goo Dolls, Feeder, Blink 182, Green Day...) then HOLLAR! 

Also, last night I watched The Lovely Bones which I highly recommend. If you like when sheer horror and beauty combine in a film (such as American Beauty) - then you'll this film. My heart has never started beating so hard at a film for years. 

If you follow me on Instgram you'll have realised that I managed to accidently find ingredients for vegan baking in a health store attached to my local Tesco. It wasn't as extensive as the giant health store I found in my last few months in Dundee however I was still able to pick up some egg-replacer and vegan chocolate, whilst also finding vegan Worcester sauce for general cookery since Lea & Perrins isn't even vegetarian.

And that Savoury Cheesecake? Delish. Essentially cream cheese, eggs and whatever vegetables you fancy on a bed of potato wedges with grated cheese on top. Also: simple!

Lots and lots of savoury cheesecake love!
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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  1. I feel hungry after looking at those pix! Love the cherry cupcakes, they look amazing.


  2. I am a Spotify addict, I seem to go round in circles looking for new artists but I still spend most of my time listening to my old favourites! That cannelloni looks very yummy! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

    1. I have a habit of that sometimes too. But because most of the music I know of does so little for me right now it's good motivation to go find something new :)

  3. The Lovely Bones is a really good film :)

  4. The sundae cupcakes are gorgeous x

  5. A health food shop INSIDE tesco? Impressive!

    1. Hahah yeah. I went with my mum because Tesco have a better free-from range than ASDA (my nearest supermarket) and by sheer chance it had a health food store full of vitamins, vegan foods and other free-from food. I was so surprised!

  6. Gorgeous looking cupcakes! Just came across your blog, it's good to find another vegan/veggie blogger! Impressive that you found a healthfood store attached to Tesco. In London, I find Morrison's supermarkets to have some good vegan stuff like bean burgers and a good free-from section too.

    1. I'm always on the lookout for new veggie or cruelty-free bloggers. Away to look thoroughly through your blog now!

      Morag x

  7. Mmm all that food is making me hungry! :D

  8. These cakes look so good. Might have to do some of my own cooking tomorrow! x

  9. I definitely still use my Last.FM account!


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