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In This Week

1. Before I got insanely drunk at my leaving night 2. The drinks that resulted in too much wastedness! 3. Memory board just before I moved out. 4. Leaving card from friends 5. New diet plan 6. Sweet and sour beans!

Annnd for the first time in two weeks here is a blog post ;) sorry for not giving you the delights of the last fortnight of my life but a lot of it has been lazing about. If you read my posts properly and follow me on Twitter it might have come across that I've not had the best times recently. Whilst I'm not going to divulge everything (never know who could be reading) I'll just say that I'm doing better and ready to get into the swing of things again. ♥

This week finally saw me leave Dundee after months of knowing it was coming my way. Tuesday was my leaving party with a few close friends and me drinking far too much Ouzo than was necessary. It is not a drink of the downing variety! Needlessly to say I was put to bed and everyone sat down stairs and apparently talked politics haha!

I've been thinking about changes I want to make for this new chapter in my life and one has been food. I'm certainly not an unhealthy eater (I actually dislike chocolate!) but I want to work more of the superfoods, such as avocados and spinach, in to my diet. I already eat a lot of bananas and olives and I feel so healthy eating them but I want to see what eating more of them will do to my body and health :)

How have you all been? Any life/diet changes for you or has it been a regular week?

Love and lots of healthy food love!
Morag x

morag | mo adore
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  1. I also want to start making healthier choices with my diet, adding more interesting fruit and veg. Good luck :) x

  2. I make Green smoothies every morning, which have spinach in them and they make SUCH a difference to your energy levels!

  3. That dress is gorgeous <3
    NRC ♥

  4. Did Chris give you the Ouzo sweets that someone brought into work? Not sure if he got some for you or just joked about it. We talked away into the wee sma' hours and I was dozing off in a meeting at work the next day so if we had headed out or I had alcohol it would have been worse.

    My diet changes this week have been for the worse including the first take-out pizza in about 3 months.

    Looking forward to your settling in posts and your very soon to be forthcoming "graduate job yay!" post :D


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