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In This Week

With my very last university coursework due this Tuesday, this past week has been a very academic one. So most photos show me eating food at a desk, or walking from my flat to the library or using 'stress relief' bubble bath so I am calm enough to do it all over again the next day. The Midouri was from a particularly stressful day where I just needed to unwind when I got home. Thankfully Midouri is non-hangover type alcohol. 

As always the only hobby that was still giving any attention during coursework week was cooking. This week I experimented with tofu and have to say I am just not really buying it. The dish I made contained honey so it's not exactly like it was being used for vegan purposes! The instructions meant I had to be there for ten minutes holding a book down on the Tofu covered in kitchen paper to absorb the moisture. And even then it still resembled scrambled eggs more than a chicken substitute. Have to give it to you vegans - you sure must be good in a kitchen! 

Also made myself home-made (you might have seen I accidentally said human-made on Twitter) rice pudding which was delish - and was vegan! Once you can cook a lot of veggie dishes you would surprised how many can then be converted in vegan ones. All the rice needed was soya milk instead of cow's milk, which gave it a really sweet taste! But being vegan would require a lot of cooking knowledge! I'm happy to just stick with vegetarianism. 

Also been watching loads of Vampire Diaries this week and I am now completely up-to-date with the current series - the show is full of suspense! I was introduced to the Vampire Diaries ages ago by an ex but we split on bad terms and it's only now I'm feeling okay admitting he introduced me to a good show haha! Can't wait until I work my way through all the old series now.  

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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  1. The first tofu I tried was silky and it broke up really easily and ended up like scrambld egg. The firmer stuff can also be purchased from the Chinese supermarket and stays together a lot better when stirfrying etc. I'd also recommend the bean curd squares if you haven't tried them - they absorb all the flavours of what you are cooking and are really nice - they don't last long though so best eat the whole back over a week or so.

  2. I don't think I've ever tried tofu actually! If you do find a good recipe for it you should do a post on it :)


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