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Things I Love Thursdays #21

Being in good health
Which truthfully I'm not in right now. But raise your glass to the times when you are!

Being confident that you have a good group for your project
Part of my final year honours project is 30% group work and a few months ago I was dreading starting it 'cause I was convinced I'd end up in a group with people on my course who appear to not know what a calender is. Fortunetly however the same project is shared amongst a few different management courses and I've ended up in a group that seem to really care about their degree classification. 

Good food
Last week I was skint/disorganised and ended up eating my emergency food such as baked beans. Thankfully money came through this week so I was able to purchase ll my favs from the fruit and veg idle! And some Greek yoghurt! Because that's always fancy! 

Really, really laughing
I was out last night on a "charity shop pub crawl" which involved using a tenner to purchase the weirdest things you could find in a second hand charity shop. Oh, some of the stuff people found! We had boys in fur waistcoats and girls in high-waisted granny trousers! Photos of my outfit should be up tomorrow! 

Lots and lots of love!
Morag x

morag | mo adore
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