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Things I Love Thursday #20

My New Glossy Box!
I was seriously considering unsubscribing to Glossybox at the start of the year but after hearing whispers of a special Valentine's Box I kept my monthly payments going. I am so glad I did! All the products here managed to excite me! I am big fan of "natural products" so finding two Davines products in here made me squeal! Admittedly I imagined a St Valentine's Day box to be hair removal and red lipstick (being honest) but this was just as lovely! (Note to self: turn the labels upwards when taking these beauty box pictures :/)

When someone seems really grateful for your time
As mentioned in my In This Week post: I helped rebuild the garden at a children's hospice at the weekend and the same night I helped someone work their way around a buddy and sluggish content management system. I think not thanking people is the height of rudeness but these two people were really grateful for the time I took out of my schedule to perform tasks that had very little in them for me. 

Classes at university I actually like
One of my geekier interests is the European Union. And in my final semester of university ever I have entire module dedicated to Europe! And it's taken by my favourite lecture, so double win. Part of the assessment is group work and today we had a big brain storming session on what we might like to do our presentation on. I walked away feeling fuzzy. 

Hope you all have things to be grateful for too, lovelies! 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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