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Review: Snowman Bath Creamer

Whilst I was down in Glasgow for the Scottish Blogger Meet I had a wee nosey 'round Glasgow's shopping areas. I spotted a little gem of a shop that I hadn't heard of before, Miss Bubblicious, in the Buchanan Galleries amongst all your usual high street names. Being a lover of anything bath related I had a nosey inside. 

Unfortunetly being on a bit of a budget I couldn't spend more than £10 so decided to pick up this Snowman bath creamer (the description made it sound as if it were similar to Lush bath melts) and some Bath Powder (which was a completely new concept to me so pick up despite a £7-ish price tag). I used this little Snowman in my bath last night and it was...different. It was probably along the lines of a Lush bath melts, but creamier, as the name suggests.

The snowman smells of what is probably a vanilla base however I truthfully want to say that it reminded me of a garden centre. However me being being really keen on garden centres (no sarcasm there) I popped it in my bath. 

Firstly, it melts really quickly, and softly; there is absolutely no fizziness. Which is a plus. However it does turn the water noticeably murky and white, not in a dirty way but in a white murky way - you could tell something had been added to the water. 

Secondly the water texture. There was a very noticeable difference to the thickness of the water, as in it did feel very thick and creamy - more so than a Lush bath melt. The water was also very smooth and soft, so it was different than I expected in a good way. 

The final point to note is that when I added Bubble Bath (My bubbles of choice is Radox) something just happened. I'm no scientist (believe me I detested science at school) but the chemicals (or natural products :P) in these products didn't go well together. Firstly the bubbles didn't grow to their usual heights despite my persistence to add more liquid - which was a really shame for me 'cause I like my bubbles BIG! Secondly the water began to feel more coarse. It wasn't the same creamy texture that I had felt before. 

Overall, would I buy this again? No. It wasn't shit though. As with the Gingerbread Tin I reviewed in December if you like small bubbles (or no bubbles at all in this case) then it would be a great product. However I love bubbles and anything that interferes with that is a no go. 

Morag. x

N.B. I cannot find any receipts for this shop or product so some facts may not be entirely factual. If you wish to correct me, feel free. 
morag | mo adore
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