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Scottish Blogger Meet

I've already seen blog posts about yesterday's Scottish Blogger meet from GillianCharleneClaire and Rani so I won't re-write what has already been written and just post a few of my own photos. 

I love attending blogging and networking events! If you're ever invited, go! What is the worst that could happen? Not that much :p I loved sitting down and discussing blogging and tweeting as well as fashion. My real life friends who are also into tweeting and blogging are all games people who don't understand why I'd blog about what I wear and those who are into fashion don't get blogging. So it was nice to sit down with some people who like clothes but who are also into geeky stuff. There's no way my friends would toast "to blogging" when taking shots!  

(A topic of blogging that came up regularly was: do you your IRL friend's know about your blog?)

Lots of love and "to blogging"

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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  1. That's a great idea, I hope to get invited next time. Hehe. ;)
    Glad you had a good time. :)

  2. Aw, looks like such fun! I don't know if there even are any bloggers in by area, to tell the truth, but I'd love to meet the few I know (and those in other states/countries as well!) and meet some new too!

    Some of my "IRL" friends know about my blog, but I really don't tell too many, so they find out through their own means xD

  3. I lost count of the amount of shots we had in honour of blogging, infact I've only just remembered that we actually made a toast after reading this! Was lovely to meet you, we'll definitely have to do it again! xx

    Still getting flashbacks now.
    We have to have another meet :)


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