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My Life Through A Filofax

I know I'm probably a bit late to the party, but was anyone else totally inspired by Gala Darling's innovative use of her Filofax? I certainly was. Not long after I read her post I ordered my Yellow Heart organiser in Personal size (much to my annoyance I found it in a shop two days later). This was about a fortnight ago but since then I have been dreaming and eventually deciding how I wanted to use my Filofax. A lot of my ideas and inspiration came from Gala Darling herself, so I do not claim that them as my own original bursts of creativity.

Along with my Filofax I bought a portable hole punch and some sticky labels, which can both be seen above. The sticky labels have proven to be useful, as later pictures will show. However, I am yet to use the portable hole punch (I will probably use it a total of no more than three times in one year) and therefore I am not going to stand up on a candy-coloured soap-box and declare is as essential. It does punch one sheet of paper well enough but the plastic wallet that comes with it would allow the non-holed paper to be stored before getting home to a real hole-puncher.

Now shall we take a look inside & see what I did with the place?

 Instead of using the boring numbered dividers supplied to organise my notes, I took a leaf out of other Filoefax fan's books and used the sticky labels. So much more colourful & so much more me!

Firstly I have my diary. The Filofax came with a week on two pages which I did genuinely try to adjust to, but I need a whole page to fit in my daily life. The page a day sheets also have times down the side which allow me to easily see where my gaps are and when I am available for dates and lunch time meet-ups (plus studying, blogging, designing, sewing, drawing, dancing...). Right now, as it is the summer holidays, I am not excruciatingly busy however once I get back to university I will need to easily see where my gaps are so I can plan to study, 'cause my brain functions better when I plan a study session ahead of time.

Beyond the diary is my to-do list. The note on front reminds me that these activities need to be done. I have another to-do list later on, but that is for fun and whimsical activities. The things on list need to be done or I could risk being homeless, unemployed or failing university.

Beyond that is where the fun begins! I have four sections right now all dedicated to note-taking of some form. I also sat down and put some of my favourite quotes and mantras on paper, so I could see them whenever I turned to that section. I tried my hardest to match my mantras to the topic of that section, but not every single one matches.

Firstly off I have my "gratefulness" section. On the front we have a quote that was in Veronica Mars when Duncan ran away, "True Love Stories Never Have Endings". I chose this one for my gratefulness section because right now I feel so blessed to have my current boyfriend in my life. While I am not going to say we're "forever" quite yet, it reminds me that while I am entirely grateful for the new lease of life he has given me, we get back what we put out and that if I do want this to be forever, I'll need to work on it.

After that we have my second to-do list! Unlike the first one this is a more fun and social one. If I see a bar I want to go to, a restaurant I'd like to eat at, a film I'd like to see, an attraction I'd like visit or just get a big wallop of the travel bug, this is where it goes! My quote for this section was appropriately chosen due to the fact it reminds me to get out there & make everything happen! It's from the film Can't Hardly Wait and is "There is Fate. But it only takes you so far, because once you are there, it's up to you to make it happen!" Go get 'em!

My third section is dedicated to music. Do you ever get the sudden realisation that you do not have a certain song on your iPod while you are far away from your iTunes? I do. A lot. So this is where I jot down any songs that I want as a reminder for when I get close to my PC. I do have to admit that the quote I chose for this section is not the most upbeat of quotes, but I feel it is important. I do not know who said this originally, & I only read it on a Myspace page a few years ago: " Maybe sometimes, you need to stop waiting for someone to come along & fix what's wrong. Maybe you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realise no one has the answer. Sometimes you have to be your own hero". The important part of that phrase is "sometimes" and "maybe". I am by no means suggesting that we should not grieve or not ask for help when we need it. I am saying that while other people can give us advice and help us through difficult times and give us strength, it is only ourselves at the end of the day who can take on board this advice and make positive changes to live the life we want.

The fourth section is my inspiration page, which unfortunately is empty right now. Hopefully because I only created it last night, not because I have lost all magic. This inspiration can be anything. Maybe I'll see a girl in a creative outfit that I want to engulf myself in. Maybe I'll have a sudden idea for a blog post. Maybe I'll suddenly concoct a witty "about me" blurb for one of my social networking sites. The quote for this section is  to do with loving yourself, which is definitely inspirational! It's this amazing quote from the fabulous Sex & The City: "There are those relationships that open you up to something new & exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up loads of questions, and those that bring you somewhere unexpected. But the most challenging & rewarding relationship is the one you have with yourself" I realise that this is not the full quote, but this was the only way i could fit in on this size of paper.

The final note taking session is my wish list/purchasing list. I try to minimize this to stuff that I really want/need & try to not make it too frivolous. The mantra on this section is one that has nothing to do with money but it is absolutely my favourite quote of all time and something that I try to live by! From the film The Beach "Never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite & never outstay the welcome. And if it hurts? You know what? It was probably worth it".

Beyond these notes I have my address book which I am not taking a picture of purely to protect my love ones phone numbers! I got all super-organised and matched the colour of pen to the colour of the index card.Go me!

As you can probably see from all the photos I am never content with writing on paper unless it's done using a coloured gel pen. I only use black ink (I hate blue ink) for essays because lectures are such boring people! If I ran a university it would be compulsory to write in coloured ink! I even went out and bought new gel pens specifically for decorating my beloved Filofax! And got a new pencil case too!
Do you own a Filofax? Do you use it conventionally or do you like to move things around a little? Do you swear by another diary?

Morag x

P.S. There t will be no Friday round up this week due to me having had a really stressful week (re-sits & problems with the flat I'll be moving into, eeek!). 
morag | mo adore
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1 comment:

  1. Your filofax is amazing :)
    I also love coloured pens and anything colourful. I'm a sucker for office supplies in general :)
    Hence, I love your post :)


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